Aug 22, 2009

I am a better human being for having watched: Inglorius Basterds.

It's 12:35 p.m. and I have just watched Inglorious Basterds. Lord Have mercy. What a simply fucking incredible movie. I even don't know where to start...

Ok so let's start with saying this: some people say that some movies are roller coasters. Well. The Basterds then is one of those that go up and then go down at full force, making you want to scream, hurl and go cry to mommy. The level of anxiety starts off from the beginning and lets go only temporarily, only to grab you by the balls again.

Script? Epic. Let me tell you, this is Quentin, but a little more sophisticated. While we are accustomed to incredible scenes as "What does Marcellus Wallace looks like?", the "Like a Virgin" explanation or the "Clock up my ass" scene to name a few, Inglorious Basterds is a new writing style from Quentin. And I like, I like.

What else? Oh yeah, actors. Sa-weeeet! All the people that walked in are brilliant. Even Pitt, which should be a scene stealer, seems very nice in his part. Eli Roth? OOOh man you don't want to play baseball near this guy. The thing about the movie is that Tarantino delivered an impeccable script and found some amazing people to play the parts at their best. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but apart from Quentin and Eli, I didn't really know all the other actors, so that made it more cool, in a way.

But then... there is Christoph Waltz. If there is one villain that scares the shit out of you, delete him from your memory and insert his portrayal of Hans Landa. I cannot remember for the life of me someone that has scared me the most in a film without being a zombie, monster or mass murderer. He truly steals the show.

Trust me, the trailer for this film does not do the movie any justice. Just give your money, buy a small popcorn (I would recommend not eating) and enjoy.

Gracias, Quentin.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree. I loved this movie. The script and everything seemed to be a whole new Quentin. It's like he took off his "blood and gore, violence to the max" hat and put on his "i'm going to write a good movie" hat.

Where Kill Bill left me wanting, Inglourious Basterds kept me sated throughout.

One of the German-born Basterds was Til Schweiger. He was the young, douchebag son Viking in the modern King Arthur movie w/ Clive Owen. He did a great job too.

Jake P. said...

I took one for the team this weekend, going to Julie and Julia with mi esposa. (Truth be told, it was quite a bit better than I thought it might be.) But next weekend, it's the Basterds for sure!

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