Aug 5, 2009

I suck. I watch NYC Prep.

Hi. I'm Me. I'm a NYC Prep watcher. Yes. I suck. I actually suck donkey cock. I am the worst human being ever. I deserve to be whipped in my ovaries, gut open with some plastic fork and then burned at the stake.

I cannot help myself. This is the most stupid yet addictive show in the history of Bravo and yet... I just cannot change the channel. I am mesmerized. I feel dirty.

NYC Prep is the new reality show joke from Bravo. It centers around rich Manhattan kids during their High School years. Basically it's like chocolate covered tv with marshmallows on it. They are obnoxious. Pretentious. Immature. So money driven, it's simply disgusting. And yet... I cannot... for the life of me... stop... watching.

(Cue Alien music. I am wrapped in Alien goo. I open my eyes and beg to you: Kill... Me.)

Ah. NYC Prep. There is one guy who wears eye liner (and who I am secretly in love with) who treats everyone like shit, goes to fashion shows and from time to time goes to a therapist to talk about his "hectic" 18 year old life. Epic. There is one girl who insists on dating people just because they have money and that can make her look good in the social scene. Nice! There is one guy who is 16 but insists on wearing the biggest and ugliest comb-over hairdo in the world - and actually gets chicks to like him. Oh. Did I mention he speaks french to them so they actually give him some nookie - and it works?

This is the best show since Mtv's Rich Girls. Yummy. Whip cream on top? Yes. YES!

I swear this tv show is just bad for you, but it's like smoking. Once you get the taste, you find it hard to quit.

I am so addicted to this crap, I even - gasp - have TiVoed it. Yes. It has a season pass. That means that the suckiness never goes unwatched. Please, someone take my cable tv watching rights. Delete my TiVo. Do something. Help.

Now I feel like those other people who watched horrible tv like Rock of Love or... was it Daisy of Crap? Whatever. This post is good for me. I am owning up to one thing that I do that sucks. That's the beginning of a twelve step program to recovery, right?

Damn you Bravo. Damn you all to hell.
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