Aug 7, 2009

It's official - I'm getting old

First Michael Jackson.

And now John Hughes.

Our 80s icons are slowly disappearing. They're sporting more grey hair than ever, if they even have hair anymore. Generation X: Our youth is fading. We'll soon be receiving complimentary AARP newsletters.


Jake P. said...

One of my favorite memories of my dad, who also died at 59, was seeing him fall out of his chair laughing uncontrollably at the Sixteen Candles line, "You think you've got it bad? I have to sleep underneath a guy named after a duck's dork!" We had to stop the VCR for at least five minutes.

RIP, Mr. Hughes. I'm sure Dad is waiting to split a six-pack of Schlitz with you.

Lucila said...

That was a shocking story for me. Who's next??? Please no one else until next year, I can't take this any more

BTW I have received the AARP letter and I'm only 32!!!!

Teenie said...

It's making me feel a little old... So we got a bunch of girls together Saturday to karaoke to some 80s hits. Still remembered all the words to Manic Monday!

whatwas said...

Getting old is only in our mind.
Age never prevented people from doing things:

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