Aug 28, 2009

Now we're cooking!

We've been cracking our skulls trying to find new readers and suddenly, bingo. One click and bang, we're on our way to more people reading our rants, bad language and other crazy shit we like to put up here.

We added the Share this Widget! Yeah! We embraced the 21st Century, my friends. Now if you like a post, instead of mailing it, you can share it in any way shape or form. Come on, help a sister and three brothers out, we need to spread the message that advertising truly sucks.

Click away, my friends... Click away!


Jake P. said...

Thanks for the tip on this, which I promptly employed at my blog, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, etc., etc. I've tried a bunch of different hand-coded things that I had to imbed myself, and none of them worked worth a crap. So I loved the fact that this one just loaded itself without the risks of having to open-template surgery.

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