Aug 5, 2009

See anything you like?

Yup. That special time has come again. Where I ask you gently to look into your address book and beg: please spread the WAS around. Please help us get a decent amount of people so we can publish our book somewhere in the near century...

Don't have any friends? Live under a rock? Well if you have any social networking tool (I really hate saying those three words) link us from time to time. Find something funny or simply disgusting? Share!

Do you have Google Friend Connect? You can add us and get our blog delivered right to your computer or electronic device of your choosing. That's delivery for you, better that a Porn Pizza and with less sperm!

You will not be saving kids. You will not be going green by doing this. But you will be cool to us. That counts for something.

Keep reading... Much love. Me.


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