Aug 2, 2009

Seven Deadly Ad Client Sins #4

Ok, So I left this list WAYYYY incomplete last year, as happened with various other series, which I'm going to try and complete before the year is over... That said, here are the links to the other three sins:

1.) Stuffage (stew-fage)

2.) Arogantia Correcta (a-row gan-chia coe-rec-tah)

3.) Velocita (vey-low-see-tah)

So continuing with this series, we have #4

Revitentia Infinita

This common sin repeats itself ANYWHERE you work at. Caprice, idiocy, and balls have no limits when it comes to revisions, and I had the wonderful luck of landing in places where revisions aren't charged ever, which means that if a client screws a choirboy and gets an idea at 3 a.m., we're going to have to do that young boy booty tainted revision, first come the morning... but it doesn't stop there. Hell.... it NEVER stops there. That's just the beginning; an aperitif for what's ahead for you.

Not too long into the morning and three revisions into the job and you know you will have a long day, a long week, a long month or even a long trimester. The thing is that depending on the nature of a project, you might be facing lord knows how many revision batches before the day is over.

Change the logo from position, switch the typography, move the second line to where the first one is, the first one where the fourth one is, eliminate the third one and rephrase the fourth one because I showed it to my twelve year old and he doesn't get it even if the child is obviously not within the target market. Supervisors, AE directors, planners and even the CEO try to intervene but the monster is already loose, there is no way to threaten them with charging per revision and you're stuck further hating something that was lame to begin with.

All this happens because Revitentia Infinita knows no limits, knows no logic and respect no type of law, be it of physics, criminal, labor or whatnot. The revision will get done or the ever present threat of leaving the agency will help change your opinion. Thank you for playing try again and don't think you'll get the lucky number.

Revision after revision continues to arrive and the main problem is that they don't come down like torrential rains, they trickle down like an impotent leak that squeeks through a squirt every hour or so, which means you can't actually hurry. Typically it starts slow and snowballs out of control be it in minutes, hours, or even days.

If you happen to be guilty of this sin, say a Hail Me for every revision you've sent, three our holy Jokers and strap a cilice high enough on your thigh to invade your crotch. You will not be forgiven until your blood has been shed.



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