Aug 25, 2009

Stuck in a Funk

Though you might read the title and think I’m going to refer to the economy, jobless rates, or the unlikely event that you get stuck inside a latrine, I’m actually referring to something much more basic, much simpler, and much more common. For the purposes of this post, let us define funk as:

n. General state of dejection that lasts anywhere from 12 hours to fifteen years.

Bad hair days, unaligned chakras, depression, being and ambassador for the nation of Mope, attack of the Incredible Sulk, getting out of bed on the wrong side of bed or just having a plain ole crappy day; these and thousands more expressions are used to describe that icky feeling that really gets us down. Chock it up to poor diet, too little exercise, a genetic disorder or Libra invading the constellation of Virgo, some days we just can’t lift off. We’re tired, limp like a Viagra deprived ED sufferer and stale like last weeks old bread. Try as we may, we just stay in the funk and much like quicksand, the more we fight it, the deeper we sink into it.

As stated above, possible explanations abound and self help books to help you avoid that state of funk sell for $19.95 with a complimentary vinegar holy water enema included. Of course there’s also the Topical Aisle of Club Meds to pop a pill and say goodbye to logical or natural emotions, because after all, why feel dejected even if there’s reason to do so. But I stray from the path towards the point, as usually happens.

So we get stuck in a funk. Some people have a hard time getting it hard. Other people find it tough to act tough. For me, being in a state of funk means not being able or not even wanting to write. It means switching outlets until I finally find something that soothes the unabashed feeling of ugh. You see, some people take a double shot blahtté while other people seem impervious to reality and always stay perky, albeit often hatefully so. So what makes Ms. Ditsy Sprinkles different from the average layperson?

Well everything and nothing if you want an honest answer. On a genetic level, the difference between one human and another is infinitesimal in a best case scenario. If we can donate most body organs (compatibility allowing), then it becomes a matter of context, experience, lifestyles and general outlooks on life that determine the way we react to stimuli. I’m not saying that the secret to living a happy life is to believe and preach THE Secret, but perspective definitely has a lot to do with how satisfied we are with our jobs, our lives and our basic daily routines. But EVEN when we’re capable of rationalizing our ways out of a poopy mood, sometimes I think we just can’t help but want to have sour times to better cherish those high points during the year.

How about you? Why do you think you land in a funk? And when possible, how do you get out of it?



Me said...

Jesus, what an interesting post. Well my friend, I'll give you my answer: special people like you get me out of funks galore.

Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' bout. When I start calling at weird hours or that usual voice that you say I have when I'm funky... that's when I just need a laugh, need a good vibe, need to connect.

I call many people (to not burden just one person, you know me) but my closest are you, the "Power Penis Posse" - ask Restrictions about it - and my babe.

The funny thing is, this blog started out one funky night years ago. I started writing because I needed to feel better or just get out of whatever blah feeling I got. The irony is that sometimes, much like yourself, I too am too funky to even want to write. Insert funny video here, you know?

Hey man, it's healthy and humbling. Healthy because you enjoy the good things, like you said. And humbling because you get to rely on good and kick ass friends.

Now... CALL ME DUDE! Been calling you and I get the voicemail. And you know how I loooooove voicemails... LOL.

golublog said...

love this post.

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