Aug 4, 2009

Suck it, Trebek.

A couple of months ago I wrote the post "Define Success" (link at the name of the post). I wrote about success according to Me, pun intended. At the end of the post, I realized that I wasn't crazy, that by being grateful for what I had and not needing anything else, I was happy, hence successful.

Here's the part I didn't write about. This person also told me, amongst other stupid things, that I needed an Account Executive because, and I quote: you take everything personal. This, coming from a person who has NEVER seen me with a client. EVER. I got so mad I forgot the rest of the now very sad conversation.

For me that was truly an insult. One of my greatest achievements is how well I have learned to deal with my clients. I never, ever take a single bit of information, change, opinion, revision or whatever personal. In fact, I am dead sure I have written about not doing this over and over here at WAS. I am working for them, how the fuck do I take a change personal?

Don't get me wrong. I do get frustrated. I do think some changes are idiotic. But I never voice my opinions all the time because it's just stupid. I will take as much changes as they want me to and if I don't agree, I will say it out loud. At the end of the day, it's their ad, their money... so taking it personal is by far a "rookie" example. After fifteen years doing advertising, I would have guessed my "friend" would know that I am not a rookie anymore... Oh well.

But life has a way to prove you right down the line. Today was a great example. Humbling, even. I smiled all the way home. What happened?????

Early in 2001 I left one big agency. I worked there for 9 years. I needed to grow, in some ways, and I decided enough was enough. I loved working there. The single most important thing about that job specifically? I got to meet every single client in the agency. My boss turned a very shy little woman into some crazy chick who actually enjoys talking to huge amounts of people instead of just two or three dudes. He showed me how to take changes, present my stuff, handle problems... everything. I got a feeling that all my clients enjoyed working with me.

The day my "friend" told me that I basically sucked in his opinion... I actually started doubting myself. Maybe I do suck. Maybe I don't know how to treat clients. You know, sometimes people "get" to you and make you doubt yourself. Hm.

Cut to today. One client of mine from almost a decade ago found me. She searched high and low and actually got my email and my number. She has invited me to pitch her new business. Yes. She remembered my name. She remembered my work. She wants me back.

Ah... how I would love to tell this to my friend and end it with... Suck it.


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