Sep 2, 2009

Divine 69 - Part 2 of 7 #'s 59 to 50

And the list continues. 69 women that don't exist yet had an impact on me and my pubescent libido.

59. Benisato - Ninja Scroll

Though trouser snakes should be saved for the male department, Benisato pulls a new trick based on her reptile love. Initially appearing in enough snake tattoos to make a Yakuza faction proud, this Devil of Kimon from the Ninja Scroll movie later reveals that the snakes are really magical and can be used to attack... worst of all, she has a little friend tucked down under for when she wants to do something like the Crying Game. Trust me, a finger in the butt is your last concern with this killer... but that doesn't mean she isn't as smoking hot as the spring she first appears at, and for however many penis jokes were hinted at, she's all woman, and a killer one at that... literally.

58. Blue Mary - Fatal Fury/ King of Fighters

As tomboys go, Mary has it going on. Tight shirt, loose jeans, a humble and kind demeanor and moves to die for... or at least get severely thrashed by. The Fatal Fury franchise is no stranger to sexy women and Mary is a prime example that you don't need to be a DD vixen to get a man's attention. Personality, skills and a strong suplex can all make a man fall down to his knees... even against their own will.

57. Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

The ideal woman for any guy with a small penis. That aside, Tink is loyal, gorgeous, strong, and if you're into snorting Pixie Dust, she's got you covered. Add to this those snow puff shoes and that adorable bun and Tink show's why you still look to the second star on the right, and sigh just a little bit every night.

56. Anna Williams - Tekken series

If you check online, Anna constantly gets snubbed by Nina in the hottest videogame women category but NO MORE. Anna and her sexy ass cocktail dress get the credit they rightfully deserve. Sure, Nina is a main character in Tekken, but that whole swanky Big Trouble in Little China hooker outfit and stockings have me going ga ga and then some. So to Anna, we salute you.

55. Iroha - Samurai Showdown

Give me a bird flu shot and call this heaven. This buxom badass with the Butterfly knives defies gravity and explanation. A member of the oh so wonderful Samurai Showdown series, Iroha is actually a crane expressed in female form, a Japanese maid that would make Gary and Wyatt seriously consider adding a bit of bird next time they decide to hack mission control and design their own space woman.

54. Betty Rubble - The Flintstones

Though I must praise Wilma's ass, Betty's got it going on and everyone truly wants to double yaba-daba-doo-her big time. Starting off that she doesn't have dot eyes like Wilma, Betty is a brunette, cuter and has plump red lips that would make anyone's bedrock move. Honestly, you're going to tell me that if you didn't have a chance you wouldn't do the Bam Bam with Betty? Highly unlikely.

53. Mina Majikina - Samurai Showdown

Another Samurai Showdown beauty HAS to be Mina. This is another all white hair character that really has the moves to make it into any 13 year old's dreams. With a kick as move set, a sexy flowing skirt and a tummy you could nibble for hours, Mina is another example that you don't need to be a chest buster to get a guy's pulse racing.

52. Daphne - Scooby Doo

If I had a scooby snack for every time I heard someone say they'd bang daphne, I would have Od'd on whatever Shaggy is on. Who the hell would have thought a green scarf would go so well with a purple outfit? Add to this the fact that Fred probably did her and that Velma definitely lusted after her, and you see why this redhead was definitely the hottest thing in the mystery machine.

NOTE: I will add Velma here because I'd forgotten how sexy orange knee high socks could look and that her glasses did nothing to take away from her, and actually added to her geeky allure. This means that though Daphne was hotter, Velma could probably do things to you that would later in your life be the thing you'd think about when you were having trouble climaxing.

51. Christie Monteiro - Tekken

Holy mother of Capoeira! In the ranks of fighting women, Christie might be #51 but she definitely could be ranked higher if I'd been exposed to her at a younger age. Not only is she a kickass capoeira fighter, which translates into fun loving, flexible possibilitties, but she's also drop dead gorgeous and one of the few hispanic characters to ever grace a console. You left your heart in Río... and it was with a girl named Christie.

50. Mai Shiranui - Fatal Fury/ King of Fighters series

Oh Mai, mai, mai.... Simply put, one of the most drop dead gorgeous depictions of woman ever to kick your ass in any game. Being a hallmark character in a series is one thing, but being the bonafide sex symbol of the SNK franchise is another. That other femme fatales from fighting games ranked higher than her on this list is mainly a testament to the caliber of women on this list. Somehow I suspect that loyalties to other characters would dissolve if I did this list again. But I promised myself not to change positions once I locked in the answers... and for some reason, Mai locked in at #50. But changing positions.... ummm never mind.


shaun. said...

i hope cammy from street fighter makes the list.

shaun. said...

*fingers crossed*

Joker said...

Rest assured, she's there but she's a ways away my friend. Not at the bottom of the spectrum of hotties by ANY means. But wondering if people are in agreement. The list spurred a hell of a lot of debate from 5 people I consulted. :D

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