Sep 6, 2009

Divine 69 - Part 6 of 7 #'s The Top 20

20. Storm - Xmen Series

Break your parkas out, I think something is going to get wet. Ororo Storm... what can I say except that it takes a very special character to have Halle Berry not come close to your hotness. True, we may have to brave static shocks in any region that may have hair, but that is a small price to pay to be able to elope with a goddess. Not since Uhura has any other single black female character been as meaningful to sci fi lovers the world around. Funny thing is that some people originally suggested changing her white hair so she wouldn't look grandmaish... luckily good taste and great sensibility prevailed and we were graced by one of the sexiest characters in all fiction. They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, but with Storm, she can guarantee that... hence my heart being ablaze since I was a comic worm.

19. Aeon flux

THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT REASON TO WATCH LIQUID TELEVISION. With a kill count that makes Rambo look tame, Ms. Flux showed nimble, twisted, sexy, masochistic and deadly can all benefit by the single hottest tongue to be animated ever. Gross, crawly, slimy? Yes, but come on... you don't need to think THAT hard to find a use for her. Add to this flexibility that screams perverse creativity and Aeon and her ram horn hair get the #19 spot showing that you don't need to understand a cartoon to be enfatuated at a young age... and the single biggest bonus? Hell if she could catch a fly with her eyelashes just imagine..... well just imagine...

18. Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy series

Being beautiful is one thing. Becoming the obsession of game and film artists insisting on making you hotter and hotter every time you appear on a piece of videogame or animated film means you are special. Tifa makes the case that you don't need a snazzy outfit to catch our attention. Simple white tank top, black shorts and a set of suspenders... and voila, sexy is here to stay. To further elaborate, Tifa always appeared with soft skin, gentle features and long black hair... Again, simple is often more incredible than anything any surgeon could do and being naturally beautiful (even if you're a fictional CGI character) counts for a lot to men with taste.

17. Emma Frost - Xmen Series

Face it, some women are complete and utter bitches as often as some guys are complete assholes, yet people of all genders gravitate towards them. Enter the White Queen Bitch and you will not be able to deny that you understand why psyclops is oh so very pussy whipped by this enchantress. Emma Frost is a clear example that cold can be extremely hot and that white can be smoking red. They say beauty is skin deep but that evil is to the bone, and well, judging from most people's reactions to her highness, it seems a large chunk of guys wanted some evil on their bone in the baddest way. Ever an advocate to showing how amazing corsets and thigh high boots are, Emma Frost was always a step ahead of her male enemies because they were too busy adjusting to pursue.

16. Cammy - Street Fighter Series

Long pigtails, legs to die for (or die from) and a kick ass fighting style. This british bombshell first appeared in Super Street Fighter 2 and is still one of the true fan favorites, and for great reason (Right Sean?). Even though it is undeniable that Cammy is drop dead gorgeous, she is a celebration of imperfections with a more than visible scar on her left cheek. As with everyone else, we didn't care and it then came to be that some scars can even be sexy... especially if they're on your body and were inflicted by Cammy. Playing her was also a treat, easily being one of the most fun characters to ever put someone else to shame with. When all is said and done though, Cammy also ranks 16 because she shows that men aren't only in awe of breast and derriere, a set of long, firm, strong and statuesque legs is more than enough reason for anyone to be KO'd by a true blonde bombshell.

15. Rogue - Xmen Series

Aw sugah..... It would be more than enough to see Rogue for what she is physically, a southern belle if there ever was one. Add to this one of the sweetest, sexiest and coolest personalities in all fiction and it's obvious that most of us would risk a coma just for a taste of Southern Bliss. In addition, Rogue is super strong and has a trademark white streak in her flowing curls that begs her to get noticed. So if y'all are wondering what gets a guy churning more kinetic energy than a Gambit poker card, see Rogue in comics and cartoons and forget the wtf version of her in the movie series.

14. Chun-li - Street Fighter Series

This is THE original fighting game hottie for me. Armed with the strongest pair of legs in fighting history, Chun Li showed just how far guys would go to ogle at a fictional character. Case in point, during her whirlwind kick I had WAY too many friends that clicked pause just in time to see her thong... Yes ladies we ARE that messed up and she IS that hot. Taking buns and blue outfits to whole new level this kick ass babe outlegged and outhotted every other female character from a fighting game. If you look around the net, you'll see sites putting up Mai, Cammy, and a host of other hotties, but to mine eyes, the first continues to be the best.

13. Samus - Metroid Series

Along with finding out that Vader was Luke's father, Samus has to be one of the twenty most intense revelations of Sci Fi lore. I mean, you just kicked the asses of a collective boss guantlet that would make any man tremble in his boots, and you were a woman all along... now that's empowering, that is righteous and that is sexy. Samus Aran demonstrates that men are boys when it comes to being a true bounty hunters and supreme warriors. Master Chief? Who's that pussy? Samus is the queen of the pack and for good reason, she's simply the best at what she does and has starred in the most solid videogame series ever and showed she has more than enough kickassery to dominate home consoles, handhelds and men's imagination. Add to this that she is shockingly beautiful and that she looks even gentle physically and you start finding arm cannons and super missles super sexy. As if that weren't enough though, she can roll into a ball.............. If you need any other reason to kneel and worship, your name is probably Ridley and you are definitely burning in a crumpled heap.

12. Mystique - Xmen Series

She looks like a wet dream out of someone who has just seen the Fifth Element and Enemy Mine back to back. She's sexy, deadly, lethal, mischievous, canniving, calculating and will truly have a blast while beating you into a pulp or putting a bullet into someplace that will hurt a lot. I'm sure no one EVER thought blue skin and yellow eyes could look this marvelous and to boot, no matter how superficial you are, there is absolutely no excuse to ever want any other woman in your life since she can be any woman you've ever wanted, though she need not have that ability because she's smart enough, sexy enough and skilled enough to make you venerate all that is blue and redheaded. Now make sure to keep your eyes firmly on her boys, if not she'll probably snap it back into place with a headlock and if I know her, she probably won't stop until she hears a crack and a gasp.

11. EVA - Metal Gear Series

Anyone who played MGS 3 HAS to recognize EVA as one of the hottest things ever to ride a motorcycle. This double double agent manipulates snake beyond measure, probably scars him for life and most surely left an imprint that will have him beating his bladder crying out her name for decades to come. Eva was all things sexy and defintely showed snake that in the large scheme... you just don't think you can outsmart a woman. With a jumpsuit that was always generously zipped down and black undergarments that begged to be torn, Eva molded Snake into putty and for good reason. You just can't have that much adrenaline going through you and not get worked up by Eva. Seems the bible had it wrong and it was Eva that manipulated the snake... so Cheers Snake... you might not exist, but you're definitely a lucky bastard.

Stay tuned for the Top 10 hottest women that don't exist


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