Sep 4, 2009

Top Ten Movies that Fucked me up as a kid

Continuing the top 10 week, here we have a list of all the movies I proibably shouldn't have been exposed to when I was too young becuase at one point or another, it scarred me. To this day, some of the vivid reactions I had as a child still hold true with some of these movies while others I was able to cope with. So to start off the list, we have

10. The Bear / L'Ours

Even to this day, just thinking of thise movie and its various tender scenes causes me to tear up and I could just remember crying uncontrollably. If you think Bambi is sad, the scene when this cub loses his mom is heart wrenching not to mention the scene when he licks the big bears wounds after the behemoth defends his Boo-boo pal. Great movie, but I just can't handle cute animals having a hard time.

9. Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom

Two scenes from this movie fucked me up. First of course is the snake eating scene, that even in my "hey I'll try anything you can eat once" demeanor, I can't help but gag. Top that lovely scene with the rats in the water and you'd already have a winner. But no, they weren't satisfied with that and had to go and show me how the bad guy would rip a man's living heart out only to be tossed to the fire or some other overkill that just wasn't necessary. For an adult it was obviously fake, for a kid, well let's just say that voodoo juju isn't my idea for a good betimme story.

8. Childsplay 2

Even to kids this movie could seem childish but the scene where Chucky was hiding in the closet and proceeds to hack and stab a teacher to death with a school ruler was enough to have me kicking at dark closets well into my teens and it still gets under my skin.

7. Hellraiser

How the hell I was able to watch this under my parent's radar is beyond me because if any movie gives off sonic and visual alarm bells of "oh shit don't let your kid watch this", it's hellraiser. The movie has so many gruesome scenes that I can't begin to choose one over another... but the whole rat filetting thing probably ranks pretty high in the food chain.

6. Predator

My entire youth had me staring at trees swearing I saw a pair of flashing green eyes. Nuff said.

5. Pulse

If anyone watched this 80's thriller, you'll remember that bad shit just seemed to happen mysteriously. It had no face, it had no motive and apart from the ability to water broil you, the only other super purpose was to scare the living poop out of your system. To this day this movie is one of the creepiest horror films I've ever seen simply because it refuses to give clearcut answers and pretty much any appliance in your house can be your Final Destination style ending.

4. Nightmare on Elmstreet

A serial killer that gets you in your sleep. Whatever saddistic motherfucker who came up with this brilliant idea to prompt people to fear napping has no idea that an entire generation of kids got fucked in the head big time. Luckily for me it wore off after realizing that going to sleep just meant I could have weird images streaming through your hair. I think I have some spicy Samantha Fox dream I have to thank for actually making me thankful for sleep.

3. Full Metal Jacket

A movie that nowadays I love, but if you're a kid, and you see what Pvt. Pyle goes through, you aren't going to be a happy camper. After the soap bashing and the whole losing his mind bit is over, one of the most intense scenes in movie history has to be when the entire bathroom scene. My oldest brother came downstairs because he heard me crying... I just wasn't ready to see anyone break down that bad or take their own life. Vivid, intense and definitely not PG 13.

2. Jaws

Tell me one person you know that saw this movie as a kid and didn't have issues going into the water and I'll show you a liar or the next Crocodile hunter. This hell of a movie did more to prompt swimmers to steer clear from the deep end than any other film in movie history. I still have issues being at a reef solo while surfing and if I don't distract myself, I'll start getting all panicky and start seeing suspicious shadows lurking nearby.

1. Arachnophobia

How a movie can embed in me the phobia within its title is a true testimony that the makers of this movie knew what they were doing. That I was once scared half to death by a spider that crawled out of the toilet, onto my thigh while I was birthing a lincoln log was just overkill. No other movie has single handedly fucked me up this bad and for good reason. Effects, good cinematography and one of the creepiest crawlers around are all the perfect formula to make you check your shoes three times before putting them on.

How bout y'all? What movies screwed you up as kids?


RestrictionsApply said...

In no particular order:
- Gremlins
- The Exorcist
- The Omen (my gandpa actually drew a 666 on my scalp to freak out my mom)
- Alien
- The Birds (Hitchcock at his best)
- Children of the Corn
- The Thing
- The Amytiville Horror
- Poltergiest
- The Shining

Teenie said...

The Changeling, with George C. Scott, kept my sister and I up for weeks.

Unknown said...

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