Nov 28, 2009

Necessary reading: Ignore Everybody

In case you need some tips on creativity and hate reading more than the necessary amount, I suggest you get yourself this book for Christmas or as soon as possible.

Hugh MacLeod is an American blogger, cartoonist, writer and he's written a book that is such a pleasant read that I'd be an asshole if I didn't recommend it.

See a couple of months, a very cool coworker recommended the book with only one rule. I had to pass the book along and see if we couldn't infect the correct people with the message in this book which is really go your own way and don't be afraid of taking the lonely road, for that road often leads to much more success and greater treasures than the eternally travelled path.

I could offer more info, but rather than spoil the surprise, click the link to his very awesome blog, and feel free to either buy the book and spread the word or go to Barnes and Noble and read it in 2-3 sittings. Hell, what's your alternative, reading Twilight or the Secret? Nah, screw that.

One thing though, Make sure you thank Hugh when you make your first million or thank me for putting up the link.



Jake P. said...

Joker, I remember reading about McLeod's biz card cartoons a couple of years ago. Thanks for passing along the news about his book, which looks well worth reading based on the blog.

Joker said...

Glad to give the reminder Jake. I'd also gotten a glimpse of Hugh, though not sure from where and lo and behold, my coworker comes up with the book and his Evil Plan (another Hugh book about to come out by the way). It's a quick read and I've been thinking of buying another copy and sending to creatives abroad or bloggers. Who knows. Anywho, you're most very welcome and hope you can check it out.


Javi Valca said...

Thanx bro!! You've just recommended my next book.

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