Dec 8, 2009

America the Beautiful, the Documentary: A MUST SEE!

Last August, one night I had the worst stomach pains that I could remember. My doctor tried to know what was happening to me, so I had a very painful and intrusive study. I was supposed to get some meds, take care of myself, and report back. This wednesday, once again I will go under anesthesia and have another study... to find out what the hell is wrong with me. My system is all fucked up. Why? Diets.

The strong refusal of returning to a huge body and maintaining my weight no matter what has made me sick. Do I care? No. I take my meds and my labs because I know I deserve them. This is the result of many, many diets and other idiotic things I have done over the years, just to look my best. I've done ALL the diets and even some I came up with. Just carbs. Just soup. No carbs. No alcohol. 500 calories a day. Vegetarian only. Popped pills. Over trained. Diet pills. Diuretics. I can go on and on.

So you can see why America The Beautiful was my cup of tea.

The obsession all women have to look our best, to be skinny, have perfect skin, yada yada yada is just bizarre. And this documentary explains why we do what we do. it explains how advertising and the media has fucked up the image of the ideal woman and delivered it in every corner near you. It explains why a size zero is now, not enough. Baby sizes? Sorry, even I quit there.

The scariest part of the documentary, is the fact that this generation is going for the jugular. Now insted of starting a diet at the age of 15... some are starting at 4 years old. Yep. Fucking crazy. When you are supposed to be worried about the fate of the Jonas Brothers, instead they are counting carbs? Really? Whoa.

If you don't understand this way of thinking, I strongly recommend this documentary. Most of all, I recommend it to parents. You NEED to see this flick if you have a teen who's counting calories at the age of 8. There are ways to stop this shit. We need to return to a healthy body image and size.

So there you go, more Netflix queue ideas. And yes, it is funny, sad, amazing, interesting and deeply moving. Truly a must see.


stewbie2 said...

Can't wait to see this. Growing up as a daughter of a model, i was introduced to "fat" at a very young age. I remember my mom crying because she weighed 115. I made it through highschool on Diet Coke and saltine crackers. I took phen-phen (stuffed weights down my pants and wore baggy shirts to cover it so the 'quack shack' at school would give me the prescrip), Dexatrim, and got my calories through Slim-Fast. Healthy, right? I now have 2 little girls (6 and 8). I don't want them growing up thinking they're fat--i'm doing everything i can do ensure that.

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