Dec 17, 2009

I went to The Cove and returned a sad Human Being.

I remember when I was little and a program called Flipper was the thing of my day. Like most of you out there, it made me want to swim and play with dolphins until today. Yes. One of my bucket list things was swimming with dolphins.

Not anymore. I will never, ever swim with dolphins if they are on captivity. Never.

Listen. During the year I usually ask you to send our little URL to anyone you know. I ask of you to recommend movies to see. I ask silly questions regarding men and some of you answer. I think this is the one thing I will ask of you that can actually make a difference: please rent this movie. You NEED to see this movie. When you are done watching it, spread the word around. Pass the trailer along. Buy the movie and just lend it to anyone who has a DVD player.

In Japan, they are murdering 23,000 dolphins when September comes. The ones that are not being killed are sold for 150,000 dollars, to be kept in "Swimming with Dolphins" programs. While we think that they enjoy swimming with Uncle Tommy, scientists know that actually, they hate it. Dolphins are self aware, get stress, depressed... just like we would get if we're stuck in a jail cell. You might see them jumping around but really, they are not having the time of their lives.

So what is so damn important about 23,000 dead dolphins? They are being killed, all together, in a very cruel way. They hurdle them together and knife them, that cove fills full of blood. Why kill them? Because, in Japan, Dolphin meat, which is full of mercury and in fact, is very lethal, is passed for Whale meat (also a big messy fishing dilemma).

This is one of those films that you never forget. I will certainly never will erase that image. No matter if they are animals or human beings, seeing someone butchered and gasping for air is something so disturbing... And for what? I totally agree that people, you and I, must eat. But to kill an animal that is actually harmful to eat, instead of just letting them be free? That's just wrong.

I eat meat. I eat fish. I wear leather and sometimes fur. Yes, I admit all my un-Peta traits, full out of the closet. I truly believe that we were made to eat and wear of the land. It's the circle of life and we are definitively a part of it. But species like Dolphins or other animals that are not meant to be eaten or are harmful to be consumed should be off limits.

The question is... what is culturally right? In Japan they eat Whales. Great. In my country, they eat Pig's intestines filled with meat and rice, for God's sake. Who is right and who is wrong? What is tradition and what is murder? Ah. Now you get my point.

Anyway, The Cove has got to be one of those films which should be mandatory in class. Please, rent it. Do me a solid and watch it. Much love. Me.


RC said...

Sorry you returned a sad human being.

When I watched this film - I think while it was sad, it was also some good feelings too...

Like,'s pretty great to see what people can do when they come together...

...or, it's pretty cool how a movie can potentially change things.

For me one of the things that saddened me the most was how dolphin meat w/ all it's mercury content was being passed off to children ---- that type of corruption makes me sick.

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