Dec 4, 2009

Roland Emmerich has reached a new low: 2012.

I sit here in a state of awe. I am truly amazed, really. I remember... It is Friday, right? Yes. Still. I had 20 bucks in my bag. And I made one of the biggest mistakes since I don't know when.

Tonight, I decided to go see 2012. I believe I lost some serious IQ points in the process. Fuck.

How bad is this movie? Let's give you some of the basics:

1) Ignore all fucking logic if you want to enjoy this movie. Truly. This movie will make NO ABSOLUTE sense.

2) The acting is far beyond bad and stupid. Stoopid stupid. I am ashamed of having watched it, I can't believe that some of the actors really want to be seen in public after being in this turd.

3) Spiderman 3 is the worst movie that I've seen. This qualifies for second place. Easy.

4) Would I tell you to go see it? Of course! Waste your money! This movie is so absolutely bad, you have to endure it! I double dog dare you.

So yeah. 2012 sucks. And by the way, this post doesn't even deserve a picture of the poster or even the trailer. Fuck that. That is how bad it is.
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