Jan 24, 2010

3D is no Big D

Someone please explain to me why I should ever see a movie in 3D ever again. I saw Avatar in 3D. Cute gimmick, but after a while, it wasn't as if I was being blown away by the intricate immersion or the glasses. I was a bit disoriented mainly because I had to take my glasses off to watch the movie properly... which translates into a slight headache. Don't get me wrong, it was fun... but is it really worth the extra cash to see a movie in 3D? Not so if you ask me.

I'm sure some people will insist that some movies HAVE to be seen in 3D but I sincerely think it's just another way of the film industry to bleed more money off us so we gladly pay a 30% increase in a movie ticket just to wear some glasses and get some trippy effects?

But apart from the chic bullshit of being able to say that I saw a movie in "3D", what's the payoff? Because for all the wonders I'm supposed to be seeing.... I don't see it.


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