Jan 5, 2010

Addiction now includes Video Games. Truly WTF.

A week ago I stumbled on a documentary on Netflix that sparked some interest: Second Skin. Since I love playing video games (and have ended up playing at 4-5 in the morning), this flick seemed like it was going to be very interesting.

And then some.

Ok let me give you the basics: Second Skin is about one thing only. MMORPG's. Ok, let's break it down now: massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Nothing yet? People who play games like World of Warcraft. Got it now? Good.

So. It's very simple. You install a garden variety game to your computer. You connect to the internet. You play as a monster, evil whatever, dark lord... any nerd thing you wish to be. Little by little you get to connect with other video game geeks from around the globe. And then?

And then... you start sleeping less. You work and get home as fast as you can to keep playing. You pay people in China to get you swords, coins or whatever. You lose contact with society. You don't play any attention to your mother, wife, brothers, friends, boyfriends, husbands, etc. You (and I'm not kidding) actually think hard when your baby comes and you know that your gaming hours will be affected.

This is what Second Skin is about. It's about how some people get lost in the video game and can't find their way back to reality. Some just make poor choices (women trying to find dates on the game), some just give up (one young man killed himself because he was too addicted to the game and could not quit it).

It's very good. If you're into anything related to video games, internet and tech stuff, marketing... you really need to see this. A big what the fuck awaits.


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