Jan 10, 2010

Every little Step!

When I was I don't know how much old, my mom told me one night that we were going to New York City. Out of the blue. It took me 30 more years to learn that she was trying to escape one of her most difficult times as a young woman, she was going to get divorced in less than a month later... I guess she wanted to have a happy memory before the shit came. Who knows. Hey Mom (she's reading my blog now, can you believe this?)... What ever convinced you to do that trip?

Anyway. We had a great time. We stayed, if I remember correctly, at the very famous Plaza (my mom didn't have money, she worked her ass off so this was a very big deal). We had a blast. I always remember us two at that time as her "single years". Her being single is one of those moments where we had the most fun of all our lives. Maybe it was because we had each other... who knows. We were partners in crime. But this isn't the reason of the post. It's cause I remembered a movie that I saw a couple of months ago that reminded me of that moment, sort of.

In that lovely trip, my mother took me, at that time a 7 - 8 year old to a Broadway show: A Chorus Line. I can remember little about that night, but she has always told me the story. I sat down there, a little girl, and she thought that I wasnt going to get it. Way too much comlicated for the little chick, she thought. Wrong. What happened, was? The tale goes that I sat down and didn't move an inch, wide eyes, laughing and singing my lungs out. She says, to this day, that I was engulfed in the story. That, I can remember.

Cut to 2009. Netflix is like a drug for me, I get all the flicks I would never get to see where I live. I rent a little documentary called "Every Little Step". Fast forward a couple of hours, I am leaking like a bad car. Um. I don't cry. I leak. Crying is for weak people... right Alberto?

I am suddenly remembering that amazing night with me and my mother. This movie is a gem. It revolves about getting the musical back on Broadway, the casting and all the incredible people that auditioned for it. Trust me, if you like the theater, you will love this film.

Yes. I am biased. It brought back a dear memory. A happy, incredible moment of my life. One of those which will never be able to be imitated. But still, it's a great movie, trust me. If you enjoy going to the theater and getting the thrill of a live performance, this is your cup of tea. You will laugh, you will cry your eyes out... This is a great feel good movie! Available now at Netflix.

PS: I think Netflix should pay me. Damn it.

Sing it with me! One... singular sensation...


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