Jan 16, 2010

Extra thoughts regarding Robertson and Limbaugh

I must offer my thanks to Keith Olbermann for expressing what I want to on national television.

Having listened to both Robertson and Limbaugh I am inclined to make one clarification, Robertson to me has simply never served any interest except his own and I genuinely think he is either part of the Legion or at the very least enjoys sucking on Satan's cock. His track record is marred with racism, idiocy, ignorance, anger, hatred, corruption, fraud and pretty much representing nothing that his particular God holds in esteem. Maybe that part from the Old Testament about hating gay people, but apart from that, he seems to have skipped the New Testament as a whole and instead serves to promote this lovely trend of people hating Christians.

As for Rush, this time around he wasn't as decidedly hateful as others because in between shit that I hardly agree with and instead clench my teeth, he did bring up points that might be something to watch out for, namely, what the hell is going to happen with the Haitian government because as is, there are two options, take over or leave things as they were and either option will have backlash.

If you've read any of my numerous rants about Limbaugh in the past, you'll know I'm not a fan and that deep down in the darkest most sinister recesses of my soul, I probably wished him dead during his holiday vacation just to see if American ideology has one less chauvinist, racist asshole. But this is me trying to be fair and show that I did listen to part of his radio show if only to offer a less biased opinion, even though it's still quite biased. From his show I heard the following clip:

From this I don't want to focus on the facts he says or the reality that Haitian government will be a huge issue in the coming months. I already said I thought it was a topic worth mentioning. But apart from that message, there were three comments I did want to focus on:

1. Obama took a full three days to talk about the terrorist.

Last I checked the Bush administration had the shittiest response time record for ANYTHING. Katrina, pathetic, the shoe bomber,almost a week, the tsunami, Hussein, Osama, etc. There wasn't one swift response (maybe the tsunami) and to boot, even with that extra time, he had no idea what he was talking about. But I compare to Bush which is like comparing a Harvard grad with a toddler. So he took three days to respond to something because he needed to know who fucked up to offer a message and wanted to clear out the bullshit from the facts. Who knows what really happened, but he responded even if he was on vacation. In case you don't know, time is of the essence when people are in a disaster. But it seems you don't, and neither did Bush, hence people dying for no reason.

2. The President has the gall to ask people to shell out money for Haiti.

This is an odd point because Limbaugh did say that we step up to the plate every time help is needed but he still decided to bash the president. Seems age is kicking in and he can't seem to agree to disagree with himself. The main thing is that Limbaugh focuses on the economic status and blames it on the President. Thank your former President and age old fuckups that have not been remedied for decades for the current situation. I'm not saying Obama is a messiah or that I agree with all his policies, but his administration is definitely trying to do something for the country instead of just running down the clock like other administrations. You are simply hellbent on hating democrats and can't see any merit on anything being done by someone that isn't on your side.

3. The US is the only country helping.

Check your facts. Mexico, China, Russia, and countless countries are trying to help. You are right that the US is probably the country that can help the most, but we aren't the only ones. Unlike you, people actually give a fuck.

So why the note? Easy, I really dislike Rush Limbaugh, but I want to try and be fair and objective just so I can have yet another thing to separate me from him. As for Pat Robertson... you're 79 so by all means become compost any time you feel like it.


Anonymous said...

I had not heard Olbermans comments. That was REALLY fucking well said!

shaun. said...

" Seems age is kicking in and he can't seem to agree to disagree with himself."

i disagree. i think his rational fully racist brain sometimes get mixed up with his irrational semi racist brain.

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