Jan 9, 2010

Followup to Me's Top Frontment List

DISCLAIMER, I was going to post this as a comment... Blogger asked if I was kidding. So here's my comment to the Best Frontment post by Me. Debate away.

The weirdest thing is that I was writing this post when Mrs. Joker's brother mentioned you'd posted it lol. I mean seriously, wtf. Anyways, seeing as you beat me to the punch, here's my version of the list but alas... I did a top ten lol. WITH honorable mentions. So here they are, debate away.


Sting – The Police is pretty much the best power trio in existence. Better than Cream? Yes simply by way of longevity because both rock hard. If you’ve never seen a Sting or Police concert. You’re missing out. Period.

Phil Collins – Some people hate Phil Collins and I’ll give you that the guy is SEVERELY not everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a great performer and doesn’t put it all out there for every show.

Meatloaf – When you sing so much and shake around so violently and passionately that you need oxygen after a show, you make my list, even if only an honorable mention.

Prince – One of the most underrated performers of all time. Prince is simply the bomb and we’re still partying like it’s 1999.

David Lee Roth – Diamond Dave and his cocaine goodness can’t be denied as the showcase in a true Van Halen show. High kicks, crotch grabs and spandex. Viva la Roth.

Steven Tyler – Steven might have fallen off the stage like an idiot a few months back, but that’s just because he wants to put on such a show. When you swing over the crowd during a song and then keep singing, you definitely get worth mentioning.

Bruce Springsteen – The Boss… 3 hour shows don’t happen often, unless you’re a Springsteen fan. He’s called the Boss for several reasons, but my main one is that on the stage, few people can catch him and he just narrowly lost to the top 10, though if I do this list again, I wouldn’t be surprised if he cracked it.


10. Bruce Dickinson – It doesn’t matter if you adore the Maiden or hate them, if you’ve gone to a concert, which I have, you’ll see that this guy just dominates the stage… and when you get as elaborate with a stage as Iron Maiden does, that’s really saying something. Soaring opera vocals, fist pumps and enough charisma to rub off on some of the lamer people to take the stage nowadays, Bruce trumps most of em. Children, take note… metal is alive and well.

See any Maiden song.

9. Peter Gabriel – Speaking of excessive, I don’t think there is one person more excessive on this list than Peter Gabriel. Hands down the best stages you’ve ever seen and to boot, the guy is a class act live. True, in the Secret World tour he was a man in tights and yes he did do some rather unnecessary pelvic thrusting, but just see the clip of Talk to Me and let’s leave him right here alright.

Songs to watch: Talk to Me, Mercy Street, Downside Up and Digging in the Dirt.

8. Brian Johnson/Angus Young – The Devil’s Duo know how to bring the house down. These aging rockers just know how to perform and when you can’t take your eyes off a person, you know they got something special going on. I added Angus Young for one simple reason… I saw them live and had to accept that the Front Man position for AC/DC is a dual bill, and pretty much one of the best I’ll ever see in my life.

Songs to watch: Ball Breaker, For those About to Rock, Hell’s Bells

7. Eddie Vedder – Yes I’m a Pearl Jam mark, sue me. But there’s a reason I’m such a huge fan. When you have a guy who talks earnest and doesn’t depend on pyro and explosions to get you riled up, there’s some special sauce to his recipe of being a front man. Having seen the concert in the first row… the opinion hasn’t shifted one bit because he focuses on the entire audience. From letting light shine off his guitar to reflect onto the crowd, to just really talking to the crowd, Eddie is by far the best front man to come out of the 90’s.

Songs to Watch: Blood, Given to Fly, Light Years, Wishlist, Rocking in the Free World, Rear View Mirror

6. Roger Daltrey – Lusciously long curly blonde hair, an Ultimate Warrior Jacket, and more energy than an atom bomb, that’s what Daltrey brings to the table. Inspiring bands to go marathon like concerts, it was amazing to see all of the Who still ripping it by the end of the concert and Roger leading the way.

Songs to watch: Love Reign o’er me, Won’t get Fooled Again

5. Mick Jagger – What can you say about this flamboyantly effeminate rock god that hasn’t been said? True he dances like a crack smoking swan, but that doesn’t take away from his performance. A singer that gives it all to the show and truly trumps the Beatles in terms of stage presence, Jagger truly shows that when it comes to a live setting, there is no debate, Stones win.

Songs to Watch: Anything with Jagger swaying to and fro.

4. Bon Scott – The only band to have two mentions on this list. Bon Scott was something else. With jeans chest high and tighter than spandex, this guy showed why AC/DC was the show to watch. Blue collar charisma has never been cooler and with few exceptions, few people gave less of a fuck as long as people were partying. Bon, you were the shit.

Songs to watch: Let there be Rock, A whole lotta rosie, TNT, It’s a long way to the top….

3. Bono – Signature voice? Check. Charisma? Check. Alter egos? Check. Bono simply knows how to work a crowd. From dancing with a fan and kissing her to doing that kind of gay bull fight with the Edge, Bono works the crowd hard and makes every penny you spend to get to a U2 concert worth it.

Songs to watch: Where the Streets have no name, Mysterious Ways, With or Without you

2. Jim Morrison – Mrs. Joker’s bro made such a solid case that I had to give it to Jim. When you sing surrounded by the entire Miami Police force and you don’t give a fuck, you’re the shit. And Jim WAS the shit. He might not have made it to manipulate entire arenas of fans, but in a semi intimate setting, there’s just no one who can top this crazy Lizard King except… maybe a Queen?

Songs to watch: The End, Break on Through, Light my Fire, Roadhouse Blues

1. Freddie Mercury – Hands down the most charismatic, flamboyant, enchanting bastard to ever take the stage. When people stop debating over this just take into account from my perspective that I can’t take the image of Freddie Mercury clapping in Radio Gaga and the entire Wembley Stadium following suit. (BTW me, you said the name of the DVD and I looked at my pile with Superbad… memory seems the first thing to go when you’re about to turn 30 and are soon to get married. :D )

Songs to Watch: Radio Gaga, One Vision, Bohemian Rhapsody (in the 70’s specifically)

See why I was making an entire post??? lol


Me said...

ROFL. We have overdue DVD's. A nice excuse to make some cool ass BBQ and make the proper exchange.

Weird thing is, I started thinking about Freddie since London, his musical was just a couple of blocks from our hotel. Everytime I got off the Tube I yelled "Freddie!". That got the post started.

No worries my friend, your DVD is safe here. By the way, you need to see Ricky-Oh and other gory shit that is also on my dvd collection. We have a date pending, ya' hear?

The cool thing about this post, and I don't know if it happened to you, is that it gets you talking and going "ooooooooh" and "aaaaaah". The debate was tough here at home, but at the end, I think we got a incredibly decent list.

Travis told me to put Iron Maiden's guy... My post! LOL.

Much kisses and come soon. Have alcohol galore here.

BTW: Hi Mrs. Joker's Bro! When are we going to the beach again to talk Lost? February 2! We have to go back!

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