Jan 15, 2010

The Gospel of Douche

It's 2010 but somehow people insist on saying shit that makes me feel as if we're back in the middle ages. If ignorance is truly bliss, then few people have tapped into a more pure source of religious Kool Aid than his Assholiness Pat Robertson. In a time when comprehension, sympathy and solidarity should be key points in any comment regarding Haiti, Mr. Robertson (also known as the First Douchesciple or the sixth Crapostle) has been kind enough to speculate that the fate of the Haitian people is actually the will of God in retaliation for them selling their souls to get the French out of Haiti. If you don't believe me, you haven't heard Robertson open his pie hole before, but by all means, click the title of this post and read what else he had to say.

Seriously, it's the type of shit senile Catholic grandmas usually say but instead, Robertson, who insists he IS coherent, was the one doing the talking. The main problem is that unfortunately stupidity, bigotry and ignorance are not exclusive traits to this Earth stain known as Pat and there are people who share his sentiments, so since they were kind enough to pass judgement, why don't we do the same for them.

First off, a person of true faith is an incredible human being and people with bonafide faith can tap into resources we can only dream off. On the other hand, fanatics just listen to what's convenient to them and for the most part speak without thinking and are a hybrid between a talking parrot and religious soldiers. They listen, repeat and obey. In a Christian sense of the word fanatic, these are the type of people that insist that Jesus was white and had green eyes, even if he was Jewish, the son of a carpenter and a Jerusalem local.

Robertson is everything I hate about fundamentalist Christians. A religious bigot that justifies and explains everything through divine intervention and human interpretation, how fucking convenient. To boot, the guy was originally a Faith Healer... what is also known as a Spiritual Snake Oil Salesman. So by all means people, if you chance upon this post, then feel free to start praying, because if the Robertson theory of divine intervention is anything to be taken seriously, then an Asteroid should be a few weeks away to send us back to the Stone Age.

So by all means Mr. Robertson, feel free to pat yourself in the back with a rusty axe. After all, if it isn't God's will it should be in agenda.



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