Jan 25, 2010

Hurt Locker doesn't hurt that much at all.

If you have been reading WAS for a very long time, you know my deep dark fetish. I love. Love. LOVE army-related movies. If you have a gun and you are wearing some kind of camouflage, I'm watching. One of my favorite movies of all times is Black Hawk Down. I will press play with that movie at least once in a two month period.

So you can imagine my huge imaginary hard on when I learned that the Hurt Locker was nominated for a Golden Globe. I thought: fuck me, this movie is going to be excellent. I ordered it through my Netflix even when it was showing in theaters, had to wait all that time because I was shit busy and wasn't going to have time to go and see it.

This weekend it arrived and there I was pressing play.

And later, there I was, being dissapointed.


Don't get me wrong. It's a decent war movie. It starts off extremely well. Good acting. Extremely well photographed. Nice story line. Yeah, this has potential, you think. Yes, this might be rightly nominated, you dare to imagine.

It grabs you and... then half way through, just gives a shit and lets go. That's the problem.

There was such a disconnect with me that I actually stood up and started doing something on my computer, watching the rest of it like a normal tv show, when you are not really that invested... What a waste.

So you might have to disregard my review... but trust me guys. This almost never happens. It's not that I hated it and stopped it completely. I did let it run, I do know what happened until the last moment. I just didn't give a shit at the end. Would I recommend it? Hm. Don't know. Maybe I have to see it again on HBO and respond to that question. Right now, no, I wouldn't.

What happened? There was a shift in the script that turned this great movie into another that I didn't particularly sign up for. Oh, how can I say this? Watch this trailer for a second.

What you saw above was the first part of the movie. The good part. Funny how the second act of the movie is not there at all.

Oh and another thing. To the Academy: this is NOT a movie you nominate for best picture. NO. IT. ISN'T. Get that clear in your heads. And to the academy voters: you must be on fucking drugs if you vote for this movie and not for Inglorious Basterds. Just sayin'.

Much love from the not so hurt Me.


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