Jan 14, 2010

Let me make this totally clear: I'm down with Coco.

Last time I heard, when you retired from your job... you actually meant that you were not going to do anything related to it, right? Well... Can someone please tell Jay Leno what this means? Really! Go knock your balls out, drive your hundreds of cars... play with your testes, whatever you need to do, but leave Late night alone!

Here we were, on a new era in Late Night. We had Coco. We had Jimmy. It was not perfect, but it was going on the right track. We just needed to give it time for it to get comfortable for us, make the necessary changes and bingo, we were set for maybe 20 years. Well, nope. In comes Leno and his chin, whining. I want a show! YOU SCREWED IT, DUDE!

I am a total Conan fan. What's happening to him is a total bullshit move. No respect, whatsoever. And it seems that people all over the world are joining in the defense of our beloved Coco. And hence, the reason of my post.

I never join Facebook groups or any other type of that stuff. But this one, you gotta give it to the secret NBC personnel who made the group, is genius. Go to the link at the name of the post and join the Team Conan. If you're not that happy go lucky for the fact that Conan might lose his show, then join in. There are also tshirts with the illustration, which by the way, kicks some serious ass - and if you buy them some of the money will be donated to a charity helping Haiti. How about that?

Coco, me love you long time, even with your red weird hair. Hang in there and fight for your right to party. Much love, Me.

This is what happened yesterday night:

And this was the first official jab. Enjoy.


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