Jan 22, 2010

An Open Letter to David Letterman and Conan O'Brien

First of all, let me say right off the bat: I love you both. Well, ok I love Dave a little but that's just 'cause I grew up watching his show when I was very little with my first black and white tv, but Conan, don't you fear, me love you long time as well.

So now that the love part is out of the way, here is why I am writing: you both got screwed by Leno. NBC can spin this any which way they want, it end ups the same: this is all Big Jaw's fault. We are all pissed off. Most of us will not, even if a life depends on it, will ever watch the Tonight Show ever again. Like a good mafia movie, I would say that the show after this Friday "is dead to me".

People that are also angry at this abomination that both of you have had to endure started talking. For some strange reason, all of us - well, at least where I live - are talking about the same thing: Dave should interview Conan THE DAY LENO RETURNS TO THE TONIGHT SHOW.

Yes. YES! What an evil and incredible plan! The two of you get talking about life and entertainment while giving Leno the most painful ratings numbers ever! Will we watch? OF COURSE! Will it affect in any way Conan's shot at Fox? WHO CARES, WE WANT YOU BOTH TO STICK IT TO LENO on his crappy return to late night!

Let's face it. You're both angry. You HAVE to have great stories to share. Go medieval on Leno's ass, will you?

Well, hope at least you entertain the thought. I would so watch that show... it would be history in the making.

And again. Me love you Dave. Me love you Coco. Much muaks. Me.

By the way... if by some miracle you like the idea and want to say thanks... I just want tickets to both guy's shows. Write back to adssuck@gmail.com!


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