Jan 15, 2010

Pack your stuff and get your wallet out.

It's a very small planet. And we're in it, together. Sometimes because we live so isolated from the rest of the world, we sometimes forget about other people. Haiti has been the most forgotten place of all earth. And now, Mother Nature has decided to screw them over once again. My question for you is very, very simple.

Do you have 10 bucks to spare? 5 bucks? $25?

Hey, it's your money, you do whatever you want with it. But today I'm going to give you a challenge. It's Friday. I'm going to let you think this for a moment and let you choose what you want to do this weekend.

You can go to the movies. It'll cost you around $30 bucks, right?

Maybe you wanna go have a few drinks with a friend. That will sum up to $50 bucks, easy.

Maybe tomorrow you get that 5 dollar foot long urge.

Or maybe, just maybe, you take that money from whatever plan you had for that day, and donate it to the suffering people of Haiti, who need something a little bit more important than a ticket to Avatar, a Cosmopolitan or even a sandwich.

They need water, over the counter medicine, clothes, doctors. They need electricity. They need our help. You cannot stand there and tell me that you don't have anything to give. Oh, on a tight budget? Go to your closet. Take out clothes that you haven't worn lately. Good clothes. Pack them all and take them to your local Salvation Army or Red Cross. Thinking of getting new towels and bed linens? Pack them as well and take them. They need this stuff there, people.

Worried about where to send your money? I was. But Clinton knows best. Go to The Clinton Foundation to see all the different places you can send in your money. It's very safe and ALL the money will be transferred. ALL OF IT.

Now. If you just want to write something nice and clever in your social networking tool of your choice, go right ahead. But don't preach if you're doing nothing. Sending your warm regards is very nice... but sending in tangible stuff to help, THAT is making a difference.

So... let this idea simmer for a while. And if you're still not that convinced on sending even a buck... watch this.


RestrictionsApply said...

This is the type of shit that infuriates me! We are all helping, and now we have to put up with this:




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