Jan 31, 2010

The Super sIzed Pad

Being a non techy, I can't say I'm as thrilled or disappointed with the iPad as some of my friends who don't listen to music from a CD. you see, technology and me could in theory get along, but I'm stubborn and I like my books to create clutter and my music to suffer wear and tear beyond my iPod crashing. Having established that background so you don't think I've gone all techy and shit, there's been a lot said about the iPad this week and I will sum it up in four points.

1. It's pretty much a big ass iPhone.

2. They passed great opportunities to create videoconferencing like what we've seen in future flicks that show people constantly talking via video feed.

3. It still doesn't play Flash.

4. You don't need it.

Unlike the iPhone which had a wow factor of about 20,000 gigawats, the iPad has arrived and I hardly feel it's going to conquer. True, Apple Pods (Apple product junkies) will probably flock in throngs to buy the latest gadget but unlike the iPhone people, I really don't think there's going to be iPad envy of any sort ie. people seeing your new little toy and kicking and screaming that they don't have it (sorry, that's how I see it).

Starting price is $499 but lord knows how much that could elevate especially with people going gaga over the latest greatest hype. To put it simply, this is yet another wonder toy fad that will pass me by while I keep writing with pen and paper, listening to cds and not being a tech junky. That doesn't mean I'm better, it just means that at least I'll save $499.



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