Jan 18, 2010

Top ten office events that shouldn’t make you THAT happy but do

Sometimes we have great things happen in life, and we get happy. This is a normal reaction because even though we’re too busy complaining that we don’t have enough money to buy the entire Fraggle Rock series, we are somewhat appreciative of what we achieve in life. Other times we actually get happy over mundane things that perfectly demonstrate the level of routine lameness we at times live. This list is about those lame things. Feel free to add your own.

10. They put good napkins in the lunch area, allowing you to be able to take out one or three without the need of a surgeon’s hand so the paper won’t rip.

9. You finish the week with the same amount of pens as you started. Pen stealers might be low level kleptomaniacs, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue searching for a means to write.

8. You find an extra bunch of post-its in the desk of someone who just got fired. Like maritime law, if no one claims a certain property after a certain period of time, it is yours to claim. Arrrrr….

7. The microwave finally smells normal or doesn’t smell at all. The aroma of a radioactive rodent should never be infused into our food, but sometimes we must compromise.

6. You find the long lost Starburst in your desk drawer… and it still tastes alright.

5. Your lunch order is finally delivered complete and in good quality. Small miracles CAN happen.

4. Every single print job comes out toasty warm and without problems forever causing you to name that day the official “Finally my work didn’t jam and I wasn’t the cause of a print traffic jam so you don’t have to look at me as if I actually caused this incident” Day.

3. The thermostat has finally found the perfect midpoint in between smoldering cauldron and a walrus’s bung hole, allowing you to finally be able to get some work done.

2. For one single day, your computer decides not to crash or slow down without the need of being at work after 10 pm for that to happen.

1. You find that the toilet water is still pink, which means you are not sharing ass cheek germs with a coworker and are popping the daily toilet cherry.


Andrea V. Lewis said...

Strange, but true. Love this list! =)

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