Jan 22, 2010

What is up with the Brinks Home Security tv ads?????

Um. You mean to tell me that the guy just runs after breaking in? WTF? What about going in and going really postal? That's life, Brinks. Deal with it. Keep an eye out on the new spot, it's the same shit. Some guy breaks the door and then flees. Last time I heard, bad guys finish their business. I'd like to see Brinks dealing with a crazy psycho dude INSIDE the house.


Jonathan Waller said...

Yes, and the police are going to arrive in mere seconds and protect you from the evil men.

Reality is that your cat sets off the alarm, and the police show up two hours later. Actual burglars can get into your house, steal the important stuff, and be gone before the warning beeps are over.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't suspend his disbelief for this kind of crap. Also: Where do these security people work? The set of CSI? They've got seriously nice offices for a call center.

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