Jan 18, 2010

Your agency got your back?

Here at WAS we’ve spent the greater part of five years talking about how much we hate the ad biz. This past weekend I was hit face-to-face yet again with the harsh, cruel and inhumane side of our beloved industry.

A good art director friend of mine is in a dire situation. Both her parents (with whom she still lives) are extremely ill: mom is in the hospital and dad is at home, seriously sick. Both have ongoing medical conditions that complicate the matter. She’s practically spent the holidays in the hospital and caring after her parents.

Oh yeah, she has shed tears… but not for her parents. Her greatest worry right now is not whether they’ll recoup. It’s her job!

Of course she’s had to take some time off. She’s exhausted her vacation, sick, and personal days… and now there are rumors going around that because of her many absences, her job may be at risk. That is to say, when her parents get better, she may not have a job to go back to.

How can this be? Well, it seems that her creative boss is using the opportunity to try and get his old pals jobs at the agency. Like all new bosses, first on the agenda is to get your friends together under one roof.

It kinda sucks that in a time of personal crisis, the agency she’s given 10 plus years of her life to is not ready to return a simple favor.


Andrea V. Lewis said...

I've never worked at an agency that has my back. Agency culture seems to foster the "Every man for his own" idea. Annoying, huh?!

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