Feb 27, 2010

Ask Joker #1

It's simple.

You ask I answer.

Restrictionsapply asks: How would you describe the perfect job?

Most people would probably say that being able to do what they love would be enough of a job description, so let's take it a bit further and analyze the different aspects of what makes a job.

The pay

Ideally you want a job, a profession or a career that offers you enough capital to bring forth your life projects without having you living off the Ramen diet. For me, having a nice house, money to travel, and money to care for my family is obviously more than enough, but that can be anywhere form a quarter of a million dollars to who knows how much. All I know is that I don't need a fancy car, a twenty room mansion, a private jet or a wonder park.

The work environment (buildings, structures and work areas)

I don't need a half pipe to feel creative, I just need a place where my computer gives me minimal problems (I won't be ignorant enough to ask for a perfect computer because I'm cursed like that). Lighting should be as little fluorescent as possible because I seriously think those lights suck the soul out of your body. The chair doesn't have to be bliss but I shouldn't need a chiropractor because my employer is a cheap ass.

The environment (people and bosses)

No snakes. No assholes. No backstabbers. No leeches. As little dumbfucks as possible. When I use these words, don't consider people who you don't necessarilly like. We're not designed to like everyone and that's something most people don't get. I just need to be able to work with that person on a professional level. If they later want to rape wombats that's their problem but at the office, shit needs to get done.

The work

The perfect job means you don't get bored easily. The perfect job means you wake up and feel satisfied that your talents and your efforts will be put to good use. Anything less is far from perfect.

The hours

For me a decent work schedule is more than alright. By that I mean 8 hours, which I've never realistically had in my job but would allow me to do all the things I want to do in life.

The freedom

Above all else, I think the perfect job should work like a functional relationship. You shouldn't feel forced to go to the job. You shouldn't have to drag your sorry self to work. You should be able to get up and say let's go. No whining, no crying on your way to kinder. Apart from this the perfect job should above all else respect that you have dreams a life and loved ones and have to dedicate at least half as much time to those three facets of your life.


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