Feb 10, 2010

HEY CHEAP CLIENTS! Your advertising tag should read: MADE IN ARGENTINA!

Sneakers made by children in Taiwan. Expensive clothes, made by sweat shops in Mexico. Well boys and girls, now YOUR JOB is in danger as well! How fucking cool is that! Let me present to you... live, from Argentina and or Uruguay...


Yes! Cheap clients, call now! You can pay for your concept in whatever place you want and get those pesky adaptations for only 65 bucks! YES! Only 65 fucking american dollars buys you ALL THE CHANGES YOU WANT! Why pay extra hours on that ad that you keep changing because you showed it to your sister, husband, security man? Why not move the logo every half an hour... and get it for free, basically!

Will you put hundreds of ad agencies, creatives, executives out of work? Who honestly gives a rat's ass, right? You need to do as much crappy turd ads as you want, and who better to fuck everybody else than places where you can buy anything for almost nothing?

Let me write this again so you can get this perfectly clear, ad people that actually care about having a job next near: down in Argentina and Uruguay, you can hire people to do your final artworks for sixty five american dollars, per piece. For example. You make that extremely crowded print ad that you hate but your client loves to death and it gets approved. You send it to Random Uruguay dude and he prepares it in all its final glory. Oh, you need to change the turd and add, for example, two logos more? No worries. Your fee includes all the random shit you want to change already. Fun and cheap, right?

Do you know what this means??? Eventually all creativity will come from the cheapest place. And I don't know about you, but I'm not planning to move near Patagonian penguins. Creativity and quality control deserves to be paid. Period.

Yes. Some agencies DO charge a testicle for doing stupid changes. But that doesn't mean that we all have to suffer because of some rotten apple, now do we?

I just think this blows. I'm very angry. Hence, I don't have a witty end for this post.

Shit. Better call one fucking Argentinian to see what he or she can come up with for 20 dollars.



Jake P. said...

There's been a rather heated discussion thread over at the Editorial Freelancers Association, in the wake of a New York Times article about content mills like Demand Studios.

The article touched on some of the negatives, but for the most part it was a two-page advertisement for cheap text to populate crappy web sites with SEO.

Anonymous said...

What about Rocket Genius, the Spec Ad House? Pretty soon, clients can go to Walmart and get an ad written. I know a young, self-made wealthy Republican boy here in Hooterville who screams God and Country, but after hearing what we were gonna charge him, got his logo work done in India or some fucking place for practically nothing. Yeah, it sucks.

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