Feb 24, 2010


When I see a video as the one posted just above, I cringe. Not a little but a lot. I don't cringe because I didn't think of it beforehand. Well maybe a little. But that's not my main gripe with such financial "efforts". My gripe is that I work hard and am quite good at my job and some jackass who took a swimming pool noodle and put two mickey mouse gloves to wrap around your waist is going to have a house in Miami, one in Vermont and one in Bali while I'm making ends meet.

Just in case, this isn't necessarilly the voice of envy speaking, even though an envious tone might be taken since I see this and I think about how many pricks with a stupid idea make piles of cash while honest hard working good people don't know how they can pay for the electric bill. But that's the world we live in. Time after time the jackass that had more drive, a little bit of initiative and said "what the hell" succeeds. And that's not something to get pissed off about, it's something to applaud.

Think about it, only in America can genuinely stupid ideas generate capital. I'm not saying it's exclusive, I'm just saying the US does it quite well though I'm sure Japan has a slew of products you just have to wonder how they can cover expenses let alone make millions.

The jist of it all is that all it took was some bullshit idea, a patent and the will to give it a shot. What's holding you back from taking a stupid idea and making something of it. Who's to say something that's genuinely worthless can't be extremely valuable?

If you have naysayers, shoot them down, zone them out, IGNORE THEM. Your stupid idea is magnificent, it is great, it is a gold mine and it's waiting for you to go ahead and be somebody.

So what if you'll be on some lame Leno top Ten List, at least you'll be a meme, you'll be that stupid ass gift you gave someone as a joke, you'll be the different gift and consequently you'll be stinking rich rather than pondering the existential justification for the laboral mindfuck you've subjected yourself to. Be more than clerically excellent. Be stupid, have bravado, make more money than the president of your company and do it with a shitty idea... then and ONLY then will you be able to say I told you that you should have listened to my "stupid idea".

And in short:

Be all that you think you can't be.


Anonymous said...

From one copywriter to another, these ideas have legs; fucking run. Don't you dare live up to your potential, and you'll be fine.

I contemplate this shit everyday. That some some savant can come up with an idea like this or Pet Rock and actually turn a profit--let alone an absurd profit--is an insult to humanity. But fuck it, I'm all for insults.

It's like walking into a bookstore and seeing the shelves brim with published ideas you'd kill before even writing them down. Unfortunately for us, we're not lowest common denominator. And that's what the American Dream has become.

Anonymous said...

The importance of being an idiot: Not "savant" (above comment). I wrote "idiot savant," but accidentally selected then erased the "idiot" part just in time to publish the comment. I know it's persnickety, but the comment takes on a whole new meaning without idiot in there, and I couldn't handle it. Thanks for being you.

Joker said...

Totally agree Zac and no worries, I actually imagined the idiot with the savant for some odd reason. As for insults to humanity, I'm also up for that, hence being a huge Doug Stanhope and Bill Hicks fan.

Regarding the lowest common denominator though, is it just me or is it just getting lower and lower every day. Seriously, mediocrity is applauded and kids get dumber albeit more savvy technologically.

And hell, I've know to proofread month old blog posts so by all means, keep the persnicketiness coming, that way I won't feel alone.

Thanks for the two cents though, always a pleasure to see a comment.


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