Feb 16, 2010

Spread a little hate all around the internet, will you?

Ok so look at your right, now your left. What's the big whoop? Well, since our share this button did not go that well, we're making things easier for you guys to share our rants and other stupid things that we post.

So. We go both ways, people. Yeah! We made sharing our little spot in internet hell very easy for you. Now, every time we post you will get two buttons that you can click, depending on which way you "socialize". While this might not be so hard core news for the ├╝ber techie guys that read us, for normal people who are not that tech oriented and haven't noticed our little share button, this will help a lot!

We can go Facebook or Twitter on your ass. Well... technically you can go both ways here at WAS. We're literally begging now. Please, for the love of something holy: share us.

If you like the FB route, by all means, hit that share link. If you like to Tweet, chirp away and tweet us to death. This is my one New Years Eve resolution and trust me, when I get my mind on something, I deliver! Help me make this come true, we need more people!!!!!

Click away! Click away!


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