Feb 24, 2010

What I want

After getting cluster raped with work the last 3 weeks I've come to notice that I seek and actually find refuge in posts and freelance jobs, I resort to the company of the best partner life could offer me, I keep working to try and make the stupid work get deleted from my min, and I'm left with one simple question:

What the hell do I want from life?

What do any of us want from life? Does anyone have any clue of how to answer such a question? If you ask this to your next cubicle neighbor, what do you expect to hear? Is it something deep or will they offer some superficially disgusting answer such as I want stability, a steady job and the ability to have no worries?

Well guess what, no matter how much money you have, odds are that you will design your life to offer you problems and worries because in essence, conflict drives us. There's only so much peace and harmony we can take before we become nauseaus and demand something that's a challenge, or maybe that's just me trying to justify why I'm carpet bombed by jobs and how I couldn't enjoy peace and quiet for more than a little while. The problem is that I know that's bullshit.

You know what I want? Are you seriously slightly curious as to what drives a crazy blogger? Well here goes.

What do I want.................

I want a three day weekend. I want a job that offers me enough money up front that in record time I can retire to live the life I really want to live without widdling away the talent I sometimes think I have. I want to write for a living. And by writing I mean writing, I don't mean copywriting, I don't mean copy editing, I mean putting my mind to good use and writing something mildly original just to show that originality is not dead and that creative ideas don't have to depend on redesigning past ideas. I want to drink wine at noon. I want the liberty to call a sick day and stay at home watching shitty kung fu movies, girlie flicks and making love while the time widdles away. I want to go to the Burger King drive-thru, order a thirty dollar meal and drive off just to let them try and figure out what to do with thirty dollar's worth of shitty albeit disgustingly delicious food. I want to write a story where sentences are eight lines long. I want a day without revisions. I want a mint chocolate chip milkshake while watching webcam porn. I want to surf while people are working. I want to feel inspired by greatness and not by apathy, frustration or anger. I want something more for the people I seriously love in this life. I don't want to ever miss a movie in the theater. I want Moose Munch on tap. I want the chance to do yoga. I want my cake and to eat it too. I want a company program that rewards me with time rather than money. I want a world where people think rather than react. I want to work for people who are proactive rather than reactive. I want to have my book made into a movie. I want to write the script for 4 videogames. I want to have a meal with my favorite author, my favorite band, my favorite pornstar and my favorite dead person. I want to fly and by fly I mean Dragonball Z shit. I want to have a day without a conscience, without repercussions and with carte blanche to improve society as I see fit. I want marijuana legalized so people can forget about the other shitty drugs that are up for bids. I want a 2 year honeymoon followed by 3 years of studying abroad with Mrs. Joker. I don't want to dream about the lotto, I want to have the liberty to dream, design, and execute. I don't want what ifs, I want what else's in my life. I want to inspire rebellion and greatness. I want to inspire dischord and discourse. I want to make people think. I want to eclipse the sun just to feel toasty on my back. I want more wine. I want people to leave a gazillion comments on all our posts. I want people to get inspired to do something with their lives. I want to help dispell apathy. I want and I want, and I want some more and I don't ever want to stop wanting because I don't ever want to settle and I don't want any person who has ever read this blog to settle. You got to this blog for some weird reason. Maybe you were looking for goat porn and stumbled upon this post because of some old tag I once put on the site. I want you to read this and I want you to jack off thinking about goats and later do something great. And by the way... you know what else I want????????

Another glass of wine.



Me said...

Braaaaavo! The Joker is back! YES!

UNDOdigital said...

I want unlimited time. Time for my family which I adore, time to be creative on my stuff, time to go to every movie I desire, time to drink some wine at noon (I like that one), time to read all the books I want and yes, even time to work, but on projects of my choosing.

We're feeling a little egotistical today, aren't we?

RestrictionsApply said...

Very good.

Joker said...

@ me: I'd been missing writing so had to do some venting.

@ UNDOdigital: We have spent centuries saying being selfish is universally bad... I don't necessarilly agree with it and here's hoping you achieve your list and then some.

@ Restrictions: Good would be achieving all of that. hehehe. Cheers my friend

Anonymous said...

I want to get you that glass of wine. Well said!!!

Joker said...

@ adchick: Only rule is to get one for yourself lol. Drinking alone, though good for a decent post isn't as fun. :)

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