Feb 18, 2010

Why Oprah kicks my butt, every single day.

Sometimes I feel like an idiot when I watch Oprah. Truly. I feel like I deserve to be kicked in the ass by a 7 foot man. Why? Let me explain a bit.

Every single day, we find something to bitch about. Client moved the header 3 inches to the left and suddenly the artwork is all crooked... and we get angry. Supplier starts arguing with me about giving him an eighth of an inch bleed instead of a little bit more... and I get angry. My telephone service at the office starts giving me trouble... and we all get angry. The internet, that glory of service, suddenly breaks down. I think you can hear my screams at the IP company from down the street.

We whine about bad clients, bad coworkers, bad agencies. We bitch about getting home at 8pm. We whine that we don't get to go to the movies as much.

And then, I get home, finally. Turn my TiVo on and I play Oprah while I do the dishes and dinner. And in comes a little boy who lost his brother and is dealing with so much pain, he decided to make cupcakes to give for free in memory of him... Or the young woman who was looking for her foster parents that she loved so much and got taken away when she was five years old - and then I see the reunion... and I think... SHUT. UP. ME.

This is why I watch this program. Because sometimes during the week, there will be one story, one amazing story that will kick the shit out of reality for me and make me shut up about the little things. I do - we all do - live great lives. Yes, we work like assholes. Yes, we sometimes miss time with our friends and family.

But you know what? Some of us have the luxury of having them around. We are not living under extreme problems. While we might have bad days that get repeated quite often, our problems are NOTHING to most people out there. Out there, people are hungry. Poor. Lost. Addicted. Trying to change their sex. Changed their sex and are scared of telling their parents. Lost a child. Lost a sibling. Lost their house. Are terminally ill. Are going broke. Are millionaires but lonely... The list goes on and on.

So the next time you start getting angry about that little brief that came in Thursday night for the presentation on Monday... smile. That's nothing. Honestly.

Much love. Me.


Thinking In Vain said...

Thank you for this.

Me said...

Thank you for liking it... :-)

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