Mar 29, 2010

He bangs, he bangs...

News Flash! Ricky Martin is gay. Ok so I'm sure anyone who's read this blog before is probably waiting for puns galore and though Living La Vida Loca is as good a start down that road, I'm actually going to take a different route and be like the eleventh million person to congratulate Ricky Martin for coming out of the closet. No I'm not a fan of his music, yes I did get dragged to one of his concerts but music aside, I'm actually impressed with his decision to come out of the closet. And it's a good surprise by the way.

I thought it would be something that would surface posthumously or something since he does so many charities and is in such prime position to suffer true backlash from the media and the public at large, which just goes to show just how hard that has to be for a gay person. Here's a guy who can have anything in the world, who makes millions, who can get anyone he wants, and he wasn't able to be truly happy and gay, because he couldn't be openly gay.

Now take the same situation and take away the good looks, the success, the money, the power, the influence and the crappy music and that's your typical person trying to cope with their sexuality at a base level since they've been told being gay is wrong, wrong, wrong and we can thank conservatives in part and general prejudice on the other part. The pressure countless teenage kids face because of their true sexuality is an emotional shitstorm mainly because everywhere from sex ed, to religion and movies we're told that gay is bad or at the very least, highly entertaining in the ha ha you're so gay kind of way.

I can actually speak from experience because even though I think myself quite tolerant, that doesn't mean I've never said stupid shit. Once in high school I made a lurid remark about what something was going to happen to a class mate once he went to sleep. It went along the lines of gag ball, hands tied, shaving cream in the asshole and getting cornholed by another class mate who was actually quite gay. This kid in all his decency then asked me aside and asked why I said what I did and why I was acting like I was. I had a real good conversation with him and gained a newfound respect and appreciation for people in that position because even in a time period where being gay cannot possibly be more fashionable, an icon still felt the pressure to stay in the closet.

I write this because I've already read about so many people who are disappointed, who think he lied to them, who think he doesn't deserve what he's achieved and enough funny comments to make a gay joke compilation book. So to offer a different perspective, I support Ricky's decision and repeat that I'm happy for his decision because at the end of the day, those fans that say they love and adore you but fail to accept you for who you are, well... let's just think about our own lives and remember the people who were there when things were good but disappeared when shit was bad.

So to Ricky I say cheers mate. Be merry, be gay and make sure to rip the closet doors from the hinges.


Anonymous said...

I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

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