Mar 25, 2010

No love for Short Men

Calling all female WAS readers, here's a few questions to try to help a vertically challenged brother out:

Why do so many women have height requirements?

Are women scared of short guys?

What is it about a short guy if anything that makes them even slightly less appealing?

Is there anything a short guy can do to overcome the heightus quo?

You see I have a friend who's a great guy to be honest. He's funny and smart, has good feelings and is short. That's four things used to describe him, but it's the last one that he feels deserves the most attention, because he's had a dry spell if you will. And while trying to explain his dry loins, he's found that maybe, just maybe, it has a lot more to do with his height than any other factor in his genetic makeup. He showed me clip after clip after clip of women saying a variety things that shouldn't affect short people, since these women are, well shallow (purumpum).

Which gets me thinking that maybe he does have a point, but rather than speculation, I'd like to hear a female perspective, or a couple to be honest. So by all means, leave a comment, write me an email at, or send smoke signals. And what the hell, I'd also like to hear from guys as well and their experience with height related issues or frustrations.

For my part I've heard a lot of women say that they won't go out with a guy who's shorter than them, or who's more than 1, 2 or 3 inches shorter than them etc etc. But I also know of a friend who is vertically challenged and he's gotten his fair share of betties. So let us know what you think. Ask a friend; ask a friend of a friend and let's see what kind of answer we can get to mon amie.



Me said...

One of my biggest crushes during College was a short guy. (And I'm no tall chick) For me, it wasn't an issue whatsoever, but maybe it's because I'm short as well.

Normal women don't have height requirements. Even weight requirements as well! Now try that with men and it's another story...

Dude, it's not his height. If he's totally single and has not had much Veronicas or Betties, it has to be something else. Trust me, normal women don't notice that, they notice the human being, the dude.

I've seen 4.5" dudes rock a place and have vajayjays galore thrown at him.

Turn offs usually are shyness, dickness, assholishness, drunkenness, geekness to the point of being scared for your life (think Son of Sam).

If he laughs, can carry a conversation, is interesting, has a really cool sense of humor and does not play with GI Joes all day long, he has a shot with any woman out there. Just this: he will not find her at a bar.

Long live short people. Cause we can rule the world from a very cool angle. :-)

Adchick said...

I dated a very smart, handsome and SHORT Jewish man...I loved the religion so I converted. I got rid of him because he was a dictatorial, arrogant ass. Doesn't matter if you're short or tall, being an asshole says it all. Hey, that rhymes! :)

Tanner said...

It is very hard for a short guy to get a date. But there are a few girls who don’t have height requirements. I have a friend who went out with a guy who was about 5” shorter than she was. There are many other girls also who are not bothered that much about the height of the guy they are dating. They just look at the qualities of the guy.

Unknown said...

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