Mar 20, 2010

Travesty vs godsend... the reality of an attractive teacher fucking a teen student

A teacher student relationship is rarely something to write home about. Only on rare occassions does it go beyond the wow this boring ass person is reading to me in class phase. But at certain times it does go beyond, and on even rarer occassions it goes WAY beyond. Case in point Amy Beck committing statutory rape.

Now hear me out, I know some concerned parents wouldn't want their kids near this deviant, but rest assured the kid got high fived and was the envy of all his male classmates. Don't believe me? Then by all means, ask your male co-workers about this case. Sum it up by telling them that a mildly attractive teacher seduced, raped, or talked the student into having sex with her... The mere fact that you mention a 14 year old boy should be reason enough to know that it's quite possible she didn't have to talk him too much into him showing her what he thought about during those half hour shower sessions, but that's me speculating. What ISN'T me speculating is the fact that 3 out of 4 guys will say something on the lines of oh what a lucky little bastard, why didn't she teach at my school and someone might even bring up the fact that there's actually a website called My First Sex Teacher (Thanks to T man for the referral).

The reality is that we don't know if this traumatized the kid or if he thinks he's god's teenage gift to women and we probably won't find out because it'll be drilled in his head that what he did was so wrong, that if the act itself didn't screw him up, the runoff surely will. This is the moment where he needs a man in his life to tell him that what he did is not totally wrong. It's not smart, it's a bit ahead of its time but it isn't wrong in the act of itself. In this time and age it might be a topic for debate, but in olden days, he's just doing what he's supposed to and from my thousands of conversations I actually know two men well into their 60's whose first sexual relationship, factual or fictional, was with an older woman that let a nip slip and offered them some lemonade on a hot summer day and they're far from traumatized because it was kept between them.

The difference between that case and this one is that in two cases there was no remorse at all and in this modern case, there's massive guilt in the internal sense of the word. So is this a judgment call saying that it's ok to fuck little kids? Not really, but seriously where was this teacher when I was in detention?


Jake P. said...

Come on, Joker. How can I make a judgment on the ethics of this case without seeing a (hopefully scantily clad or bikini) photo of the perp?!?

And your nip-slip-lemonade line is an instant classic.

RestrictionsApply said...

Look up convicted teacher Debra Beasley Lafave and tell me if you wouldn't hit that? I dare you!

Joker said...

@ Jake:

An AMy Beck pic:

And some other wonderful sex offenders such as Pamela Rogers Turner, Debra Lafave (I agree Res),
Amber Jennings and many more can be seen at the following link:

@ Res... dude... check the link above and weep.

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