Apr 22, 2010

5 Movie Musicals that Define: Me

Face it. They don't make them like they used to.

The first bit of info is, while I was not born in the times of musicals at their highest form, I was raised on them. My grandfather was an avid movie fan and every weekend he made me sit down with him to watch, what he called, the greats. A couple of days ago one of my favorite musicals was running on cable and it made me think... which are my ultimate favorites, of all the ones that Papa made me love?

In order of preference, oh yes, here are my top Five.

1) Mary Poppins.
Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, dammit! I LOVED THIS MOVIE. ADORE IT. When I was little, my mom took me to the movies to watch one of the many revampings. I can remember the day, exactly still after all these years, I can remember watching the sky and telling mom that I thought I saw Mary fling around. Funny how I cannot remember much of being a kid, but that image is still very vivid.

2) My Fair Lady.
If there is one movie with a perfect score, this is it. What a joy to listen. The costume design was simply superb. When Audrey Hepburn walks in the Ascot Race (which was and still is one of the most awesome designed sequence, watch it here and enjoy the simplicity of black and white costume designs), I wanted to be her. The most incredible thing is, you see that movie today and it still is completely relevant.

3) Singing in the Rain.
Loved, loved, LOVED every moment of it. This is one of my Grandpa's favorite and it sure turned out for me as well. Gene Kelly was a joy to watch.

Singing in the Rain - Good Morning !! - For more of the funniest videos, click here

4) Hello Dolly.
How can you not love Barbra Streisand in this movie? There is one reason why some of its music was used in Wall-E. Because it is simply perfect. When Dolly walks in the restaurant you just wish people greeted you that way, always.

5) Gigi.
This is just a very sweet movie about a kid who grows up and falls in love. It has soooooo many not PC moments, you wouldn't believe. In fact, try to take a tequila shot every time you hear something with a little Male chauvinism and you'd end up drunk.

Ah. In a world where Moulin Rouge made me gag and want to kill myself, I know I can always just pop one DVD and enjoy some classic childhood moments with a musical. Thanks Papa for teaching me that movies with people who sing are worthwhile.


RestrictionsApply said...

No Grease?
No Rocky Horror Picture Show?
No Wizard of Oz?
No West Side Story?
No Sound of Music?
No Sweeny Todd?
No Nightmare Before Christmas?
No Beauty and the Beast?

RestrictionsApply said...

... and, I'm not even gonna open the can of Bollywood movie musical greats...

shaun. said...

love your #1

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