Apr 21, 2010

How much did I love Kick Ass? I now believe I was Hit Girl when I was a child.

When my boyfriend told me that Kick Ass was almost made for me, I honestly didn't get it. He said that it was made for people like me and how I thought about anything comic book or superhero related. I didn't understand what he meant.

Until we went to see Kick Ass the movie. And I totally got it. What a great movie! Holy Buddha, I'm telling you... if you like really foul language, if you crave blood and really fucked up ways to die, if you were desperately looking for Nicolas Cage to act like a genius... THIS IS THE MOVIE FOR YOU.

If you've ever read a Comic Book, if you've done time in any line for a movie or Comic Convention, then look no further than Kick Ass to enjoy the benefits of being a member of what cannot be named anything else but this: A Geek Life.

Let me give you the basics: Kick Ass is the tale of a very cute kid who decides one day to actually become what no man has dared to be. A superhero. Well, it's not going to be easy and it will hurt like a mother fucker. Like the guys at Totally Rock Show said in their review about the movie; hilarity ensues.

The script is dead on funny, real and sweet. Being a teenager cannot be written any better. And let me tell you, every damn actor in this movie rocks. Starting off with my man Nic Cage. DUDE! You are back! I was missing you! I would totally nominate you for an Oscar for this role! Thank you! You didn't overact yourself one bit! And I am not kidding, this movie was exactly what you needed.

Kick Ass is a gift for being weird, in every way. It shows that, in the end, we were right. Nerd is the new cool indeed. San Diego Comic Con is the biggest entertainment event. Movies based on comic books rip the box office a new one, month after month. The end audience? Geeks. We rule the world. Period.

Well kiddies, it's pretty simple. If you're craving to laugh, go "eeeeeeeew", scream and applaud like a teenager, just remember not to bring the kids - unless you want them to learn some pretty fucked up language - and go see this movie!



RestrictionsApply said...

An excellent analysis of Kick-Ass and the Geek Cult in general, by a critic I respect: www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1982315,00.html

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