Apr 28, 2010

If your company MAKES you take a vacation... YOU SUCK DONKEY BALLS.

If I hear about one more fucking douchebag who is COMPLAINING about how he or she has to take vacations because the company is making them... I will take a gun and go really postal. Really.


You mean to tell me that you have sooooooooo much work and you are sooooooooooooooo important at your boring ad agency that you just can't find time to take a few days off? WHAT? Will life end as we know it if you go scratch your scrotum at a nice beach like Bora Bora? Will human kind be at danger if you decide to smoke a joint while walking the streets of Paris? NO, asshole! NO!

Why am I still writing about this? Because apparently people in the advertising world are still making an ass out of themselves. While there are a few of us who are staying the course and living a normal life, and by that I mean leaving work early when we can, making sure that we take the time to end all our jobs as fast as we can and not overthink them so we can enjoy some time with our families and friends... there are some cocks - and yes, I mean people who are to be associated with penises - who just work work work work and work so damn much that they actually achieve to not enjoy a moment off, enough to have human resources tell them enough is enough. Idiots.

So again I have to write it. Yes. I hate repeating myself, but hey, some of you out there are not listening or understanding the simple fact. So it's my god given duty to write this piece of shit line, again, so that one day people go... Aaaaaawww shit, Me had a point:


You will not get more clients by working yourself to death. You will not make your boss like you more. You may get a raise, but trust me, since you have no life, no dough is enough to pay for what you are doing to yourself and the people around you. You will not be applauded at some anal retentive company meeting by working non stop for months. Work until 2 am? You suck. Go to sleep and get really productive.

For Advertising's God sake: don't be the cliché. Really. That is sooooooooooo done. Get your shit together. Get a calendar and mark two or three weeks and actually enjoy watching time get nearer to your goal. When you are having a Margarita and remembering how good life really is outside the office... write me. And send weed.

Much love. Me.


azarosln said...

this is one of the most brilliant post ive ever seen!

u inspired me!

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