Apr 21, 2010

I'm Calling Bullshit on the iPhone Leak. Bull. SHIT.

For those tech people out there, let me just dive right in there: Read about the iPhone leak, total bullshit. Really. This was the most cool scam ever, granted. But honestly, does not make any sense.

A guy leaves it at a bar and you mean to tell me that it ends up at Gizmodo? Fuck that shit, I believed in Santa one time, that basically corners the "imaginary stories" department in my lifetime.

Ok so let me backtrack again. You mean to tell me that a random guy gets this phone, which by the way will be disabled in a couple of hours, so by pure idiocy the guys from Apple will not be able to track it (bullshit!)... Apple? Disables a shitload important iPhone, without thinking, shit, we might trace this fucker and get it ourselves??? OOOOOH sure.

So the new idiot that has it decides to sell the shit and actually gets in touch with Gizmodo. An average guy actually sees the potential of this item and thinks, money. SURE! Grab my ovaries and call me Shirley, I'm calling Gizmodo tomorrow to see how easy it actually is to sell them something. Maybe they want to buy my newly found redesigned Slap Chop!

Sorry. I'm not buying this shit. Apple, come clean. You just planted the goddamned thing. You wanted to make it "virally interesting", and it worked. All of us regular assholes are writing about your aw-so-slick new phone. Great. Now fess up and just tell it like it is. This is just sooooooooo perfectly done. The letter. The oh shit we made such a huge mistake we just couldn't find it story. Really. We're all adults here. Just confess.

Liked how it looks, by the way. Slim is good, always!


RestrictionsApply said...

Apple is being sneaky here and they sent a message, mafia style: Sprint has been talking about the POSSIBILITY of 4G. Apple has just shut them up with a loud and clear WE ALREADY HAVE IT.

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