Apr 11, 2010

It's been a while: A Couple of Boxing Posts

Few sports command my attention like boxing. Maybe it comes from my grandfather's side, maybe it's genetic, maybe I just saw the right fights at the right time. I truly don't concern myself with the reasons I just concern myself with enjoying each and every fight I watch, lightly analyzing possible outcomes, seeing what each boxer needs to do to win, see who executes their game plan and witness boxers who rise to the occassion.

If you ask me what my favorite punch in boxing is, the answer can vary from day to day and it'll probably depend on which fighter we're talking about, but odds are I'm going to mention a left hook to the body. If you ask me who my favorite boxers are I say Arturo Gatti, Micky Ward, Israel Vazquez, Marvin Hagler, Rafael Marquez, Tommy Hearns, James Toney, Manny Pacquiao and of course Juan Manuel Marquez. If you ask me what is the most important punch in boxing, I'm always going to say a good strong jab. If you ask me who the greatest fighters of all time are, I'm going to say Sugar Ray Robinson, Followed by Hank Armstrong, then Joe Louis and then Muhammed Ali. If you ask me who is the most important boxer of all time, I'll say Ali every single time. If you ask me who are the real rising stars in boxing, I'll say Paul Williams, Andre Berto, Sergio Martínez, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Juan Manuel López. If you're wondering about the best referees in boxing, you can't find better than Arthur Mercante Sr. who just passed away and Steve Smoger. If you ask me about pretty much anything about boxing, I'll either have an answer or do my best to give an answer. Be warned though, I'll probably go on a long ass rant and if there's beer, well get ready to toss me out of your house eventually.

That's because I love this sport. I love watching it, I love writing about it, and I love talking about it. So just in case you're not a huge boxing fan, feel free to duck my next two or three posts. Oh and if you have anything you'd like to ask about boxing, by all means, email me at jokerwashere@gmail.com.



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