Apr 11, 2010

Shane Mosley VS Floyd Mayweather

It is no secret that I'm not a Floyd Mayweather fan. He claims he's the face of boxing and to me he showcases the worst trends seen in boxers. He runs his mouth, he doesn't get in the ring with the best, he does more talking than fighting and he refuses to go supernova when the ability is clearly there. If you want to see his fight record, here's the link .

If you take a look at the list, you'll notice that there's a tendency to pick bouts that are low risk and that some of his victories have been much less than stellar. He barely edged out Oscar de la Hoya, he was almost beaten by Jose Luis Castillo and he won a close decision against Zab Judah. Apart from that he's faced smaller men in Ricky Hatton and Juan Manuel Marquez but he's never really put himself in a position where he has to dig deep. If you disagree, that just means that you're a Floyd lover while I'm the antithesis to that.

I've always had a problem with Floyd because he wants to put his name in limelight as the best fighter of all time, but he never gives himself the chance to truly be great. Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Haggler, Alexis Argüello, Roberto Durán, Hank Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Thomas Hearns, Joe Frazier, Muhammed Ali and beyond. These are the true gods of this sport because they weren't only the best, but they stepped into the ring with the best. That is why I have such respect for Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquéz and so much disdain for Floyd. It's because his former nickname suited him endlessly better because he's more a pretty boy than anything.

So now he finally gives himself the chance to face someone who is truly great in Shane Mosley. A bigger guy who hits harder and who last year dismantled Antonio Margarito.

Shane Mosley has been in there with some of the best when they have been near the best shape of their lives. Shane was the pound for pound #1 fighter and guess what, he was never the number one guy to run his mouth like a jackass. He went in the ring and put on boxing clinics, fighting the best and never being content with just taking on easy paydays. That's because even though he's a prize fighter... it's not just about the money for Shane whereas "Money" 'has a Scrooge McDuck complex.

So am I saying Floyd is not a good fighter? For the I don't know how manyeth time. No. He's a supremely good fighter. His reflexes and hand speed are epic, his condition is unquestionable, his ring smarts are evident and his versatility is elite. What hasn't been there is the competition. You can say whatever you want but it's going to take a lot to convince me his matchups haven't been cherry picked.

Now am I saying Shane can beat Floyd? Well he's certainly the best candidate for the job along with Manny Pacquiao. He's got speed, hits hard, can adapt, punches with both hands, can command the ring and has the physical and athletic attributes to take Floyd out of his comfort zone, which means potshotting and employing some of the best defensive skills ever seen in a ring. But Shane can move, he can punch and he can box. He can also take ANY shot Floyd has got and if Floyd scores a knockdown I will officially support Floyd without ever questioning him ever again.

The thing is that Floyd says he's the biggest draw in boxing and to a certain degree he's right... because so many people want to see him not only get beat, not only get knocked out, but get embarassed. Naseem Hamed was one of the most hated guys but he was a big draw because he was such a prick. He just happened to find himself in a ring with Marco Antonio Barrera and he got embarassed to the point of Barrera tossing a way a point by dragging Hamed to a corning and giving him a head butt coazing the referee to take a point a way because it didn't make a difference. THAT'S what someone like me wishes on Floyd because of all he's blabbed on about.

It's a shame really because he is supremely talented but someone with that much ego needs a spanking to get some humility and here's me wishing for that and possibly jynxing Shane in the process. The thing is that I can't remember the last fight from Floyd I enjoyed because there has never been one that has been remotely epic. Sure he's won, but trust me, I haven't cared and I was actually thrilled when he "retired" because I didn't have to sit through another boring ass missmatch.

Now though, we have a fight people. And we also have 24/7 just to help you hate Floyd a little more. So sit down, strap in and let's hope for a finally entertaining Mayweather fight.

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