Apr 11, 2010

Upcoming Fights to NOT miss

If you're wondering what fights you shouldn't miss because they have the chance to really entertain you, here are four fights that look good on paper and don't require an additional PPV fee though you do require subscriptions to HBO and Showtime.

Edison Miranda VS Lucian Bute - April 17 on HBO

This night has a double header and to start things off, Canada's undefeated adopted son faces off Edison La Pantera Miranda. Miranda doesn't seem to know how to win or lose without it being a KO and though rough and occassionally dirty, he's an entertaining fighter that often times brings out the best in other fighters. Bute is solid, slick and hard punching. This is a fight made for fans who like rough fights and it can end in any round. I recommend not blinking.

Kelly Pavlik VS Sergio Martinez - April 17 on HBO

To dispell rumors that he was afraid to face off against Paul Williams, Pavlik is facing Sergio Martinez, one of the best fighters I've seen in a long time. Last December Martinez and Williams had one of the fights of the year and Kelly needs a fight that will put him back on the map since his loss to Hopkins temporarily derailed his career after two incredible victories against Jermain Taylor. The great thing is that this is another fight for the fans since neither is too defensive minded. Watch or record, just don't miss out on this fight. Trust me.

Carl Froch VS Mikkel Kessler - April 24 on Showtime

The Super Six Tournament is a great idea in theory but in practice it just hasn't been as exhilirating as I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong, the fights have been solid for the most part, but no fight has been transcendent... or maybe it's just that the guys I root for keep losing Lol. Regardless, my original pick to win the tournament is coming back to action. Mikkel Kessler and Carl Froch face off on April 24 and in theory, it's a great fight. I'm not a big fan of Froch and I think he's more talk than anything else, but he's got a win in the tournament so props to him... I guess. Kessler though went from being the absolute favorite to becoming a victim to Andre Wards talent.... and more than a few headbutts and low blows, but that's another story. What I like about this matchup is that Kessler is literally against the ropes against a guy that in theory he can take out. Will he rise to the occassion or will he take another career crushing loss? Only one way to find out.

Israel Vazquez VS Rafael Marquez IV - May 22 on Showtime

Boxing trilogies rarely disappoint. If two guys face off more than once normally it's because there's something special there. Think Gatti vs Ward, think Barrera VS Morales, think Frazier VS Ali and right along those epics and possibly over them, there's Marquez VS Vazquez... the first three fights were quite simply BRUTAL. But it showed you why these guys are the supreme elite. Two boxers made for each other and who will probably have to retire a couple of years earlier than planned because of the brutal nature of these fights. Simply put, if you want to see greatness, see the first three fights and feel free to ask yourself how these guys would even consider going in to do it a fourth time. I'm already thinking this could be fight of the year, so don't miss it.


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