Apr 28, 2010

You can kill me any day of the week, Jack.

Last night I finally got to finish by way of TiVo one of the most interesting Bio pics I've seen in a while: HBO's You don't know Jack. It's about Jack Kevorkian's fight to make people accept euthanasia. And boy, do I agree with Dr. Death in so many ways.

In fact, let this post be a total and absolute evidence and will. Yes, I'm posting this as some sort of written statement so that my cowriters and the few people who actually know who I really am can print this and take it to the hospital and my docs: If I ever have a very painful disease which turns me to a vegetable or just makes my life a living hell, you can call Dr Kevorkian or any mercy doctor and just pull the plug. Really. Do me in. Take me to Nirvana. Whatever you want, just do it.

Ok so now that I've done my homework, let me tell you about the movie. YOU GOTTA SEE IT! Apart from the fact that Pacino just nails it again and again like he's never done in a while, Levinson shines directing, the music is spot on, the photography is simply beautiful... this movie definitely will spark some conversations down at your living room.

Yes, the doctor sometimes was his worst enemy. But anything he did surely does not come close to the fact that no one can explain why, if a person is suffering and wants his or her own life to end, that for someone to help him do it with no pain is murder.

And I'm not talking about some emo douchebag who is depressed and wants to die because little weird Betty doesn't talk to him. Those patients were suffering. Real pain, real anguish. Kevorkian was just making it all go away, peacefully. And for that, for helping another human being... he went to jail.

HBO is currently showing it so please, mark your calendars. In a world where people are still voting Yes for Proposition 8, where people are still making women feel bad about their right to choose, this is just one more fight that we just cannot lose.

So, Doc! I know you're free... Are you taking patients again? Let us know!


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