May 1, 2010

Children get cancer but Glenn Beck lives.... go figure

Big government = Nazism or Communism

The level at which Glenn Beck can twist facts to form a point and convince you to anything he's saying is magnificent. Now that I've put that out there and probably made you think I didn't listen to three videos or read some news articles, here's where it gets interesting.

Glenn Beck does state facts. He does and that's why he's a lot more effective than purebred shit for brains like Newt Gingrich who does not have one single thread of credibility to anyone deciding to listen. He isn't the monumental racist shit bag that is Rush Limbaugh. No. He's another type of creature altogether, and quite a clever one if I might add.

Now before you think I won't give credit where credit is due, please read this. Glenn Beck might play the role of ignorant Conservative, but he isn't stupid. I'm not going to say he's brilliant either, but street smarts can get you a long way in this life, and being able to mix a couple of messages to sound coherent is something he's long done with varying levels of success.

On the Puerto Rico debate, he doesn't necessarily have all the facts.

What he does say that does make sense:

Puerto Rico has voted to determine the status three times and each and every time they found a way to vote those referendums down. That is a fact.

What he says that might make sense:

This vote seems to have a hidden agenda. Honestly and open mindedly speaking, Most votes do have an ulterior motive and this one seems like another one. I'm not disagreeing yet.

What he says that doesn't make sense:

Puerto Rico gets all of the benefits and pays none of the taxes. Well it all depends on what taxes you're talking about. It almost sounds as if you think Puerto Rico has gotten a free ride. First off, if we've gotten a "free ride" for so long what's the catch?

The reasons for having Puerto Rico as a US Territory are quite more than you would think, but rather than writing some things that may sound like pure conspiracy theories, let's number some possible reasons.

1. Military. Though a variety of bases have been closed, many remain. Having military presence in the Caribbean is a must and the only place the US was able to get into was Puerto Rico. By the way, if you think black people were used like cannon fodder in wars like Korea, WW 1 and WW2, by all means click here and draw your own conclusions. By the way, there are more sources, don't depend on wikipedia, me or Glenn Beck to get your truth sources.

2. There were tax credits for pharmaceutical companies. Read this for a possible explanation to why Puerto Rico, that little insignificant island of undecided Hispanics is the fifth largest producer of Pharmaceuticals in the world.

3. There are US sanctions that do not allow foreign companies to open shop in Puerto Rico. Why is this important? Simple, check the sales for JC Penney, Sears, the Victoria Secret Catalogue, Burger King, Maggie Moo's Ice Cream and Krispy Kreme and check if you don't see a trend. Just in case, in all of those instances, Puerto Rico numbers rank in the top 5 of sales for those companies worldwide. Puerto Rico is probably one of the most if not the most consumerist place in the world. People live on debt but they keep buying and by keeping other competitors out, you have a rich source of capital and just in case, no I'm not exaggerating and yes you can look for the numbers. I won't give you the source to that one so you don't think I'm simply leading you to the links I want you to read... that would be far too Beckian for my taste.

If you want some other miscellaneous possible reasons that may sound like hogwash, take note that the birth control pill and various forms of birth control (pills and procedures) were first experimented on Puerto Rican women. Second off, Puerto Rico consumes more beer than half the United States combined. It's not something a country should be proud of, but when it comes down to dollars and cents, boy those companies sure don't mind. Taxes were included before pricing to give the illusion that there is no tax in Puerto Rico. That has gone out the window though and the end result is PR having one of the highest tax rates when you factor in the pre retail price tax hike.

Now back to our clever Beck. Something he REALLY doesn't want people to know is that though we elect Republican representatives to the US Congress, because we do have that right, if Puerto Rico becomes a state, it's almost guaranteed that they'd vote democratic in US Presidential elections. Just in case you were wondering, we actually did have some say in the Democratic Nominee and if it were up to Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinton would have run for President.

Which brings me to my point. With the current political climate, Republicans really don't want to give Puerto Rico any power because that little island that could, would be a nightmare in terms of trying to convince them to vote Republican. Oh and by the way, Puerto Rico has an over 90% rate of voting... unlike the US which is closer to the mid 40's.

So does passing the bill give Puerto Rico statehood? In a short answer. Nope. Does the bill start leaning Puerto Rico towards choosing statehood? Possibly and I actually do agree that this is part of the agenda. Whether you're for it or against it, that's up to you. But is there something else that I do want to touch on? Of course.

Once again Beck plays the "this isn't a racial argument yet" but it is, and him mentioning the words illegals, drug dealers and prisoners in his argument is more than evidence. Now I'm not going to say Glenn Beck is Rush Limbaugh or Newt Gingrich, but I'm not going to say he's never played the racial card ever... I just really don't want this post to be that long. I'm just saying that the government and congress aren't the only ones with ulterior motives, hidden agendas and subliminal messages... after all, that's what Mr. Beck's career has been founded on.



Rick said...

"First off, if we've gotten a "free ride" for so long what's the catch?"

Waitaminute, you guy's are from Puertorro?!
Coño y yo jodiéndome escribiendo en inglés cada vez que comento.

Mis panas, excelente artículo (muy cierto lo del tipo ese) y excelente blog. ¡Los felicito!

Joker said...

Habemos par de "híbridos" por estos lares hermano, pero si decimos que simplemente somos latinos, la gente no hace caso. Pero en el blog hay sangre puertorra, cubana y hasta americana. Somos par los que escriben. Lo de hablar en inglés es que abre puertas a foros más grandes y con decirte que nos han leído de Australia, India, Inglaterra, Romania, etc. pues ves el propósito de escribir en inglés. Me alegro que guste el artículo y el blog, y pues, en parte para eso nos jodemos, para que nos lean :D.


Me said...

We're from all over, dude. We're like Baskin Robbins: we have different flavors! Joker is our latino rep!

Rick said...

It doesn't really matter where you're from or who you are (makes me wonder if I know some of you, though...). You have a great Blog here. Been following you for years. Oh, and, English truly is a Door Opener.

Keep up the great work guys, and try not to die from a heart attack from everything an advertising person must endure.


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