May 10, 2010

The Thirty Eight Million Dollar Man.

It's really not important how I met him, really. Let's just start the story by saying that once in a Land Far Far Away I met a man who seemed to have it all and then a shitload more. How big a shitload, may you ask?

The kind that makes you don't work anymore. The kind that makes you do nothing, all day. Maybe you invest in some douche stock market companies. Maybe you grab your balls and swirl them over all day while your nanny takes care of your grandchild. Who knows.

I visited his house a couple of times (sort of had to, so there you go, a little hint goes a long way) and like any other homo sapien, I thought 'Fuck this man is loaded'. Was I impressed by his wealth? Not really. All I really thought was... inside this incredible house filled with amazing artwork, fountains, cars and two closets that are the size of your garden variety Master Bedroom... lives a very unhappy dude.

I was so right.

Why do I know how much money does he have and why does it matter? Well, the first part was sort of an accidental blurt of information and the other... well, maybe it matters for some reason. Hence my post.

There are people with some money and there are people with sooooo much fucking money you'd think they'd go crazy trying to live life in a semi normal way. This man is the latter. The moment I met him, I knew about his "situation" but the thing that really shocked me was not that he was rich or whatever. That didn't make any connection with me, because I've grown up around people with money who are very normal and don't show off that much. But this guy was different. He has all the money people sometimes dream of and still... looks MISERABLE. Honestly, that is one sad mo'fo that I really avoid seeing as much as I can.

38 Million American Dollars and he's always angry, has a bad view on just about anything, does not contribute in any way to a conversation just besides all the houses and trips that he goes to. I have never seen him laugh. I have never seen him hug his wife. I have never seen him say something funny or, dare I say, at least witty. (Shit I still hate that word)

I just made a payment of one of my monthly bills. I have 500 bucks on my bank account. I smiled. I am way happier than the millionaire. I have my friends, my family, a decent life. I have all the things that this man can't buy. Funny and Ironic.

So again, I am right in that old argument with another friend of mine who is surely working his butt off to become the next rich but alone dude: success is not money or power.

PS: That's not the guy I know. That's Carlos Slim. The Richest Man int he world. Another unhappy looking man, if you ask me.


RestrictionsApply said...

Carlos Slim. I think you mean $38 BILLION, not million.

As my father says, Those who dress themselves in diamonds and pearls are trying to cover a wooden heart.

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