Jun 29, 2010

5 Fantasy Careers that define: Me.

It's 9:37 and blasting on my TV is one of those movies that I simply love. Black Hawk Down. Here I am, watching it and thinking... shit, how I wish I was a Captain in the Military, dammit. Bingo. The five series continue, yes sir. Today let's go into the wonderful world of sheer fantasy careers that you are dead sure you are not qualified to be... but still have a hard on for them anyways.

In no particular order, I would give a testicle (if I had one) to be:

1) Navy Seals.
OOOOOh. Jesus Christ, just give me a weapon and someone to erase. That is one damn sexy job if you ask me. Besides, you have to be sharp, be in top shape and kick some serious butt. There's something elite about them that I love. Yummy.

2) Plastic Surgeon.
Now give me a scalpel and some guts to take off. I have no issues with blood or anything guts, so bring the suction on, guys.

3) New Technology Director at Google or some other cool company.
Give me the power of an unlimited budget and I will gladly design some killer things to make your life easier when it comes to technology. Yes, I am a total tech nerd and would give hard earned cash to learn to develop loads of shit in this department.


4) Hacker for Hire.
The power of information is priceless. Enough said.


5) Boxer.
How many times do you wish in a day you could just hit someone? Today I almost went berzerk a couple of times and trust me, a PPV with me going ape shit would sell. Hard core. (Hey Joker man, love the pic? LOL!)

There you go. My five dream jobs that I will never, ever be. What are yours?


RestrictionsApply said...

I'd have to go with:
- University professor (history)
- Veterinarian (zoos and farms, not pets)
- Member of a Think Thank
- Park Ranger
- Science researcher

kerryannC_01 said...

Besides the one that I'm working towards I'd have to go with in no particular order:
-Deep Sea Diver
-Chef (Pastry)
-Food Critic

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