Jun 29, 2010

Cute or Cruel?

    • There’s a baby corral in your office because 9 times out of ten, you have to bring your 3-month baby to the office… Cute or Cruel?

    • Your baby is more familiar with the old hags in the Traffic Dept. than they are with their aunties… Cute or Cruel?

    • Your office fridge is stocked with formula and/or bottled breast milk… Cute or Cruel?

    • Your 3-month old also spends Saturdays with you in the office… Cute or Cruel?

    • Any woman over 30 in your office has the right to change your baby’s diaper… Cute or Cruel?

    • Everyone laughs it up when your baby drools all over the conference table… Cute or Cruel?


Me said...

I'm framing this post and giving it as Christmas presents this year. Epic Win.

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